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Withdrawal Policy

Through the end of the ninth week of the semester, students may withdraw from any or all courses from their schedule. Students are responsible for withdrawing themselves from any or all of the classes through Banner Web. No withdrawals will be processed after the ‘W’ period ends. Students who do not withdraw from classes will be assigned grades earned.

Any student receiving federal student aid (Pell, SEOG, etc.) who completely withdraws from all classes during a given period of enrollment and completes less than 60% of the term (based on the instructor’s determination of last date of attendance) may be required to return funds to Chattahoochee Technical College and/or the US Department of Education.

BannerWeb Withdrawal Instructions:

  1. Read Withdrawal criteria above.
  2. Read and print these instructions for future use.
  3. Access BannerWeb.
  4. Your Username is the first part of your Chattahoochee Tech student email address preceding @students.chattahoocheetech.edu. Your password is the same password you use to log into classroom computers and your Student email account. If you need assistance with issues relating to your account, you can Access the Student Help Desk.
  5. Click the ‘Login’ button.
  6. Click on ‘Student Services and Financial Aid’ at the top of the page.
  7. Click ‘Registration’ even though you are withdrawing.
  8. Click ‘Add/Drop Classes’.
  9. Click on the term in which you wish to withdraw.
  10. Click on ‘Submit Term’.
  11. Scroll down the page and locate the course(s) you wish to withdraw.
  12. Next to the course is a box with an arrow pointing down. Click on the arrow and select ‘BannerWeb Withdraw.’
  13. Repeat this process on the next course if necessary.
  14. Once all the courses have been selected, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  15. Click the ‘Submit’ button to process the withdrawal.

Hardship Withdrawal Policy

Hardship withdrawals are limited to certain criteria which can include:

  • Hospitalization of the student or minor child for an extended timeframe.
  • Death in the immediate family only (spouse, child, sibling, parent).
  • Active military duty or deployment.
  • Being seated on a jury for more than three (3) days.

Important things to understand about a hardship withdrawal request:

  • If the normal withdrawal period is open, we will not accept a Hardship Withdraw form and the student should use the BannerWeb self-service withdrawal process.
  • A narrative and documentation is required to be submitted with the hardship withdrawal request. If supporting documentation is not received, request will be denied.
  • If granted, hardship withdrawals must be done for ALL enrolled classes for a given term.
  • No refunds are issued and the grade of a “W” will appear for each course on the student transcript.
  • Only one (1) hardship withdrawal can be granted per student.

Hardship withdrawals MUST be requested no later than the end of the subsequent semester for which the withdrawal is requested.

Unofficial Withdrawals

A student who earns all Fs in a given term or a combination of Fs and Ws (meaning the student withdrew from a class) may be considered an ‘unofficial withdrawal’. Unofficial withdrawals are those who simply cease attending class(es) prior to the finals week (last full week of the term). Faculty must enter a last date of attendance for students who earn a grade of ‘F’ for the class. Once grades are submitted and faculty rosters are verified at the end of a term, unofficial withdrawals (those who earned the F due to ceasing attendance) may be required to return funds to Chattahoochee Technical College and/or the U.S. Department of Education. Students who truly earned Fs that were not due to ceasing attendance are not considered to have withdrawn; therefore, those students’ aid is not recalculated for the class(es) in question.

The institutional refund policy and federal aid refund policy (Return to Title IV) are found on the Student Consumer Information page. We encourage you to be aware of these policies and how you are affected by them should you withdraw or otherwise cease attendance before a term concludes—officially or unofficially.

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