Program Change Request

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Students may submit a Program Change Request Form (below) to update their major for the upcoming term(s). 

It is recommended that students meet with an Advisor and Financial Aid before submitting a Program Change Request Form.  Changing a program may result in the tuition/fee balance or financial aid award amount changing. 

Program change periods:

  • Spring semester: October 1 – January 12 (noon)
  • Spring semester C Term: January 22 – March 6 (noon)
  • Summer semester: January 15 – May 22 (noon)
  • Fall semester: February 1 – August 23 (noon)
  • Fall semester C Term: August 2 – October 16 (noon)

Please allow 1 business day processing time for each submission. Program change forms will not be processed while registration is closed for a payment deadline. If you submit a program change form during this time, it will be processed when registration reopens.

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