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Faculty and Staff Giving

faculty and staff campaign 2019 logoChattahoochee Tech’s faculty and staff are committed to our students, programs, community and each other. They understand firsthand how gifts help the College further its mission. When faculty and staff donate, they show the community that the College is a place worth investing. Charitable contributions remind us that every gift, in any amount, helps CTC accomplish great things. 


Working in a rigorous program that requires a full-time commitment, Quetina meets many students who struggle financially to make ends meet. “They have the desire to become nurses but sometimes they just need a little bit of financial help,” she says. “Gifts from donors can literally change these students’ lives for the better.” As a donor herself, Quetina lives by the golden rule. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you,” she explains. “I think, at one point in time, we all needed some type of help. It might have been something minor or something big (like paying tuition). But where would we have been if other people had not been there for us? It’s only right to give back.” Quetina supports the students in her classroom and throughout our campuses with a monthly contribution to Chattahoochee Tech Foundation through the annual Faculty/Staff Campaign. – Quetina Pittman Howell, Program Director, Associate of Science in Nursing

Chattahoochee Tech Foundation:

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