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The Office of Student Resources staff is available for virtual appointments via WebEx or phone. Please email to schedule an appointment.

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Office of Student Resources to provide student-centered, comprehensive programs, services and events, which promote equality, enhance the educational experience, foster success, and contribute to the economic self-sufficiency of students who are members of special populations.

The Office of Student Resources serves Chattahoochee Tech’s Special Populations student groups. Services are available to meet the needs of qualifying students. Services include but are not limited to:

– Textbook Lending Program: Textbooks are lent to students who face financial challenges. The Textbook Lending Program is designed to assist qualified students in obtaining some of the required textbooks that due to cost, may not otherwise be affordable to them. Available textbooks are lent to students for one semester on a “first come, first served” basis each term. Assistance with the purchase of eBook codes is not a part of the Textbook Lending program.

– Institutional and External Resources: Lists and access to resources provided by Chattahoochee Tech, city and county agencies, state agencies and businesses to assist with factors that could prevent students from program completion.

– Workshops and Trainings: Beneficial workshops that can cover an array of topics that students can take advantage of, including but not limited to: Life & Study Skills, Communication, Personal Branding, Leadership, Employability, Parenting Skills, Financial Management, and Networking.

– Resource Fairs & Other Events: Providing opportunities for students to interact with many internal and external resources at one time.

– Food Pantry: Assisting local students who suffer from hunger and food insecurity.

– Economically Disadvantaged: Students who are Pell Grant recipients or who are receiving federal assistance such as Food Stamps and/or Medicaid.

– Students with Disabilities: Students with physical or mental impairment which could substantially limit one or more major life activities.

– Displaced Homemakers: Students who have worked without pay to care for a home and/or family and for that reason have diminished marketable skills and have been dependent on the income of another family member but is no longer supported by that income.

– Limited English Proficiency: Students having another language other than English as their first or primary language.

– Non-Traditional Program: Students enrolled in a program of study that lead to occupations or fields that have 25% or less of their gender employed within the occupation.

– Single Parents: Students who have the primary or joint custody of a dependent child. May be divorced, widowed, legally separated, or never married.

– Homeless Individuals: Students who do not have a primary residency.

– Foster Care: Student who are in, or aged out of, the foster care system.

– Active Duty: Students whose parents are on active duty in the armed forces.

OSR Special Populations Eligibility:

To be eligible for the services provided by the Office of Student Resources, students must:

– Meet requirements of at least one category above, and
– Complete the Special Populations Self-Disclosure Form, either in the new student orientation or on the Office of Student Resources web page.
– Any questions or concerns contact us at

Important Information and Links:

The following resource list includes social associations, service organizations, medical, legal, housing assistance and other support providers in Chattahoochee Technical College’s service delivery area. It is not presented to be a comprehensive listing of every resource for every need, as inclusion into these directories is voluntary and information and services are constantly changing with the needs of the community. These guides are intended to serve as a starting point for those students and their families in need of assistance.

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