Feeling sick? Stay home. Self-report. Access the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form in the me@CTC menu.
Feeling sick? Stay home. Self-report. Access the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form in the me@CTC menu.

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Diverse students

As a new student to Chattahoochee Technical College, we know you have questions and will need some guidance to help begin your collegiate career on our campus. We’re here to help! After being admitted, the next step to complete is New Student Orientation (NSO). To better prepare for your college experience, all of our new students are required to attend our NSO session before enrolling in your courses.

If you have a disability and need assistance in order to obtain this information in an alternative format, please contact the office of Disability Support Services.

Dual Enrollment (Current High School) Students attend a new student orientation (NSO) session set up specifically by the Dual Enrollment Department.

Please refer to your college acceptance letter for the link to sign up for a DE NSO session.

For All Other Programs and Health Sciences, please read the information below before beginning New Student Orientation.

As a new student, you will need to complete the steps below:

1. A self-paced online Orientation

All students must complete the self-paced Online Orientation. It is available 24/7. Students have the flexibility to start the Orientation and then complete it later if needed.  

2. New Eagle Welcome (N.E.W.)

Once students have completed the self-paced Online Orientation, they can attend the New Eagle Welcome. Students will have the opportunity to meet with their Academic Advisors, discuss Financial Aid options, and obtain a Student ID and parking pass. Students will also have the opportunity to speak with departments regarding college resources.

Please select your option below:

Have questions about New Student Orientation or your onboarding process? Visit New Student Orientation Answers to live chat, send a text message, or submit a question! View the FAQ section to view our most commonly asked questions!

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