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Learning Support

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If your placement test scores or transcripts indicate a weakness in Writing, Reading, Numerical Skills, or Algebra, you will enroll in Learning Support (LS) courses. LS courses carry credit but do not apply toward graduation or your grade point average. Chattahoochee Technical College offers English 0090, Reading 0090, and Math 0090.

These courses will help improve your writing skills, understanding, and performance in reading. LS courses will improve numerical skills, beginning, and intermediate algebra as well. Our LS courses help prepare you for success in the math and English courses required in your chosen program of study.

The courses use computer-aided instruction and modular format delivery. Using modular format requires students to complete only the modules in the areas needing improvement. The time to complete the entire course ranges from one (1) to three (3) semesters and is dependent on the student’s prior knowledge of the subject matter, the student’s time on task, and the student’s effort. 

Instructor support and tutor support is provided during scheduled class time to students individually, as needed.