Learning Support
Support courses are available to help students strengthen foundational skills in English writing, reading, and math.
Learning Support

Students may choose to enroll in Learning Support (LS) courses to master foundational skills before beginning credit courses. Advisors and instructors are available to help students make this determination. 

Learning support courses are designated as ENGL 0090B, READ 0090B, MATH 0097, and MATH 0090B. There are two types of math learning support classes: traditional learning support courses and co-requisite courses.

English and Reading support courses designated with a “B” may be taken individually, together, or alongside the corresponding credit-bearing class (ENGL 1101) in a co-requisite arrangement. Math support courses designated with a “B” can only be taken alongside the corresponding credit-bearing class (MATH 1111) in a co-requisite arrangement. 

  • ENGL 0090B: This course emphasizes the structure and development of the essay in various modes of writing. Students learn to craft and support a thesis statement, conduct research, and document sources in MLA format. Students also learn and apply the rules of grammar and punctuation to original work. 
  • READ 0090B: This course emphasizes reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and study skills. Students learn and apply strategies in a variety of reading contexts to increase understanding and sharpen critical thinking skills.
  • MATH 0090B: This course runs parallel with MATH 1111 and provides additional just-in-time support to students who are currently taking MATH 1111. Students can pair any MATH 0090B course with any MATH 1111 course. 

Chattahoochee Technical College stopped offering MATH 0090 as its math learning support course at the end of the Fall 2021 semester. This course has been replaced by MATH 0097: Math II. 

  • MATH 0097: This course is not a co-requisite course and is designated for those students who need remediation in basic math skills. As of right now, this course is only being offered in-person. Topics in MATH 0097 include whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percent and ratio/proportion, measurement, and geometry. MATH 0097 will prepare students to enter all diploma level courses at Chattahoochee Tech (MATH 1012 and MATH 1005) or entry level degree courses with co-requisite support. 

Students may still take the ACCUPLACER placement test for a small fee if they wish to have a more robust and accurate placement assessment. For more information, please visit the Placement Testing for Admission page on our website. 

For questions about Learning Support courses, please contact Lisa Pope at 770-443-7972 or Lisa.Pope@ChattahoocheeTech.edu.

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