Learning Support
Support courses are available to help students strengthen foundational skills in English writing, reading, and math.
Learning Support

Students may choose to enroll in Learning Support (LS) courses to master foundational skills before beginning credit courses. Advisors and instructors are available to help students make this determination.

Learning support courses are designated as ENGL 0090B, READ 0090B, MATH 0090, and MATH 0090B.

Support courses designated with a “B” may be taken individually or alongside the corresponding credit-bearing (1101 or 1111) class.  For example, students who need additional skills and support in math may enroll in MATH 0090B by itself or take MATH 0090B and MATH 1111 together in the same semester.  Likewise, students may take ENGL 0090B by itself (with or without READ 0090B) or enroll in ENGL 0090B and ENGL 1101 in the same semester.  READ 0090B may be taken by itself or with ENGL 0090B or ENGL 1101.

MATH 0090 is an online support course where students work on their own with the guidance and support of an online instructor to improve their basic math skills. Fall 2021 will be the last semester MATH 0090 is offered.

LS instructors work closely with students to ensure they have the skills needed for success in the English and math courses required in each program of study.

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