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What is a Nontraditional Career?

Any occupation in which women or men comprise 25% or less of its total employment.

For example, only about 2% of Auto Collision Repairers are female, so “Auto Collision Repair ” is a nontraditional occupation for females.

Likewise, roughly 8% of males are Registered Nurses, thus, “Registered Nurse” is a nontraditional occupation for males.

Advantages of Nontraditional Careers

An increased salary is an incentive for individuals to consider a nontraditional career. This is especially true for women, as many trade, engineering and technological jobs boast a lucrative paycheck.

Broader Career/Advancement Opportunities
Nontraditional careers tend to have established paths for advancement and expansion. These factors facilitate professional growth opportunities, leading to greater responsibilities and higher salaries.

With the vast assortment of available careers, you owe it to yourself to consider all avenues.

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Non-Traditional Programs by Gender

Note: Non-Traditional Program students are eligible for services provided by the Office of Student Resources.

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