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Why must I attend New Student Orientation (NSO)?

Students must attend NSO to receive important information and register for classes. This information will help the student be successful at Chattahoochee Technical College.

Is orientation required?

Yes. Students must attend an NSO session to prepare for college success.

What happens if I cannot attend NSO?

All students must attend an NSO session. If you are not able to attend NSO, please email orientation@chattahoocheetech.edu.

What happens if I am late to orientation?

Students who are later than ten (10) minutes to NSO will be required to reschedule their session.

How long does NSO last?

New Student Orientation is approximately three (3) hours for Dual Enrollment students and three (3) hours for all other students. This time may fluctuate depending on the student’s needs and requests.

Is there a cost for NSO?

No. There is no charge to attend NSO.

Do I have to sign up for NSO in advance?

Yes. Please refer to the bottom of the Eagles Nest: New Student Orientation page. Students who have not registered for a NSO session, will not be permitted to attend.

Are guests allowed to join me during NSO?

No. Guests, including minor children, friends, etc., are not permitted to join the student in the NSO session. However, supporters and parents are encouraged to attend the supporter/parent NSO session. Please note that no children are allowed on campus.

Do I need to bring anything with me to NSO?

Yes. Student should bring their student identification number (900#) and make, model, and license plate number of the vehicle you will drive to campus.

Where should I park on campus?

Anywhere! At Chattahoochee Technical College we have ample parking available at no charge.

If I need accommodations during NSO, how do I set up these services?

Please contact Disability Support Services if you need to arrange seating accommodations, interpreting services, etc.

Do I get to meet with my Academic Advisor?

Students will be divided into groups based on program of study and will be led through a group advising session. Student will have the opportunity to make individual advising appointments for a later date.