Feeling sick? Stay home. Self-Report. Access the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form in the me@CTC menu.
Feeling sick? Stay home. Self-Report. Access the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form in the me@CTC menu.


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What is the process for the online New Student Orientation?

The instructions to access the online version of orientation are located on the New Student Orientation page. There are five modules for a student to complete orientation. Once a student has reviewed each module’s content, they will need to click the “Apply to Earn” button to receive credit for that individual module. This button can be found at the top of the webpage.

How will I know if I completed all steps for orientation?

Students will need to complete all five modules of orientation. Each module will have an “Apply to Earn” button at the top of the page. Once the content has been reviewed, students will need to click this button to mark the section complete. In the fifth module, the student will need to complete the assessment and click the “Apply to Earn” button to complete their New Student Orientation experience.  If the “Apply to Earn” button is not completed for each module, the New Student Orientation experience will not show complete for the student.

What is my CTC Student email address?

All new students should have received an email from “CTC Technology” to the email address listed on the CTC application with the email address and password. If you cannot locate that email or if you have not received it, please use the Find My Email tool. Please be mindful that your CTC student email is the official means of communication.

How do I set up my CTC Student email address?

Please visit the Student Email Information page to access the instructions to set up your CTC student email. Make sure to read all the instructions thoroughly before beginning.

What should I do if I need additional assistance with my student email?

Students can submit a helpdesk request for additional assistance.

How do I reset my password?

Your username never changes. It is the text that precedes the “@” in your CTC student email address.

Username: JackEvast2

Passwords at CTC are “single-sign-on,” meaning you use the same password for Blackboard, Banner,  E.A.G.L.E. Link, CTC student email, and CTC student computer workstations. Your password was sent to your personal email account that was used when you applied to CTC. It was sent from “CTC Technology.” If you cannot log in with that password or cannot remember a password, you must change your password at the 
Student Password Reset link. Instructions will be sent to the personal email account listed for you in Banner. If you do not receive reset instructions or your personal email address is incorrect, you must submit a change request on the Records Office Forms page. Scroll the list to “Student Personal Email Change Request .”

How do I reset my password if I do not have a social security number?

Students who need to reset their password but do not have a social security number should submit a Student Helpdesk Request. In the “Problem is…” section, select “Other” and enter “password reset but no SSN.”

I didn’t receive a reset password email when I tried to reset my password.

For help changing this password, follow the instructions on the Student Help Desk, links for which are located under “Student Technologies” on the student portal, or under “me@CTC” on the college web site. The student help desk also displays a link to the Student Password Rest page. Make sure you are checking your personal email account, which is where password-rest instructions are sent. Also, check your Spam or Junk folder for the email. Ensure the correct personal email account is recorded in Banner. Follow the instructions on the Student Help Desk page to update your personal email account.

How do I locate my advisor?

During the online New Student Orientation, you will be able to view academic advisors’ contact information. You may also visit the Academic Advisement web page for more details.

When I emailed my advisor for assistance, he/she asked for the confirmation email showing that I completed the online orientation.

Once a student completes the assessment at the end of the Orientation, an automated email is sent to the student email account. The email will contain the next steps for the student to complete and Academic Advisor information based on the program of study. A student may forward this email to their Academic Advisor to seek advisement. Please include your full name and student ID.

I emailed my advisor for assistance and did not receive a response.

Please allow 24 to 48 business hours for a response. As we near the registration deadline, the response time could be up to 72 business hours.

Please remember that you should be emailing your advisor from your CTC student email address only; this is the official means of communication at CTC.

Can I register for my classes without completing orientation?

We strongly encourage all new students to complete orientation. Orientation provides new students with information on CTC, financial aid, advising information, and registering for classes.

How do I register for my classes?

To register for your classes, please visit the Registering for Classes web page.

What do I do after I register for classes?

Review the checklist for new students in the Student Guidebook.

What are my credentials to log into BlackBoard and BannerWeb?

Your Username is the first part of your CTC student email address preceding @Students.ChattahoocheeTech.edu. Your password is the same password you use to log into classroom computers and your Student email account.

If you need assistance with issues relating to your account, you can Access the Student Help Desk.

How do I change my address?

To change your address, please complete the Address Change Form.

Where do I find the resources referenced during Orientation?

Many of the videos can be found on the CTC YouTube page.

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