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Current Chattahoochee Technical College students may apply for Transient Student status if they wish to attend other regionally accredited institutions and subsequently return to Chattahoochee Technical College. The purpose of transient study is to take coursework that directly applies to your Chattahoochee Tech program of study and puts you on the right track to graduation. The Records Office will notify students if they are not eligible for transient status. The student must meet the following requirements before transient permission can be granted:

– Must be in good academic standing (2.0 grade point average).
– Must be regularly admitted to a program of study and eligible to register at Chattahoochee Technical College.
– Must specify course(s) to be taken at the other institution (e.g., HUMN 1101).
– Requested course(s) must be in the student’s declared program of study.
– Must have completed all required Learning Support courses.
– Must have successfully completed one term of enrollment at Chattahoochee Technical College.
– Must have successfully completed prerequisites for the requested course.

Please Note: Permission will only be given if the transient classes at another institution are transferable back to Chattahoochee Technical College.* Grades and quality points earned in these courses will not be figured in the Cumulative Grade Point Average at Chattahoochee Technical College.

A formal admissions application must be submitted to the institution for which this transient permission form is requested. It is our responsibility to comply with the transient institution’s admissions standards and application deadlines.

*Learning Support courses do not transfer and are ineligible for Transient study.

Submit a Transient Student Request Form

GVTC (online courses)

Students who desire to complete online coursework at another technical college can apply through Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC).

What happens after I have submitted my application through GVTC?

• Once your application is submitted, a designated Student Affairs professional will review it and grant permission.
• Please keep in mind that you must also apply for admission and fulfill the admission requirements at the institution that they desire to complete coursework at.
• Please note that applying through GVTC does not automatically guarantee you a seat in the course.

What factors are considered in granting permission?

• Students must be in good standing at Chattahoochee Technical College.
• Students can only complete coursework in their program.
• Students cannot have any holds on their account.

Do I need to submit a new application each semester?

A new GVTC application is required each semester. Please note that each institution varies regarding their application process; therefore please check with the institution that you plan to attend concerning their application process.

Fill out a GVTC application

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