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Exemption Testing

Who may take an exemption exam?

CTC students (must have been admitted to CTC) who meet one of the following two criteria:

1) Have never attempted one of these courses may sit for the exemption exam only once.

2) Have successfully completed a course that has become “obsolete” (too old for program requirements) may sit for the exemption exam.

Students who attempted a course but failed or withdrew may not sit for an exemption exam in that course.

How long do the tests take?

The maximum time allowed for any of the tests is 2 hours.

May I take more than one test at a time?

No, you may sit for only one exam per testing session.

Will HOPE or Pell pay for the exam?


Are there study guides available for the tests?

No; see the course description in the catalog for the course content.

How long does it take to get the results?

It may take as many as 10-15 business days to have the tests scored and recorded in Banner. If you need the exemption credit before you register for next semester, sign up for one of the earliest test dates.

How will I find out the results of the exam?

You will receive an email at the address you provide the proctor at the time you take the exam. It may be as many as 15 business days before you receive the results.

Can I take exemption exams for courses outside my major?

Yes, but students will want to consider why they would want to take an exemption exam outside of their major. First, exemption credit from one college is not likely to transfer to another institution. Second, it cannot be counted as credit hours taken in a semester for full-time status. Thus, students would need to have a rational reason for why they would want to spend the money and the time taking an exemption exam outside of their major.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To sign up for the Exemption Exam, you will need to complete and submit the following form: Exemption Exam Request Form

To register for the exam:

  1. Secure an exemption exam form from the records office or the student services office on any campus (or click the above Exemption Exam Request Form link). The form must be filled out with the necessary information from that office.
  2. Pay the fee (25% of tuition) at the cashier’s office on any campus.
  3. Email Paula Gronemeyer at Paula.Gronemeyer@chattahoocheetech.edu to register for a particular exam, site, and time. You must register 48 hours prior to the examination time.
  4. Bring the exemption exam form, a paid receipt, and a picture ID to the exam site.

Testing Schedule:

Exemption Exam Schedule Fall 2019

Exemption Exam Fees

Students must bring the following to the exam(s):

  • Driver’s License or CTC picture ID card.
  • Receipt of payment for exemption exam (obtain form from the Records or Student Affairs office on any campus).
  • Exemption Form for this exam (obtain form from the Records or Student Affairs office on any campus).

CLEP® – The College accepts College-Level Examination Program credit from the College Board, but we do not offer the exams on campus. See the CTC catalog for the exam credit accepted. Check the College Board website for available exams and test locations. www.collegeboard.com