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Exam Overview

A current student may receive course credit for a Diploma Level course by passing an Exemption Examination if one is offered.  The exam may be written and/or performance based. The exam validates competencies in skills the student would obtain through actual enrollment in the course. All exams are to be taken without any outside aids such as textbooks, notes, etc. If the course being exempted has a prerequisite course requirement, the prerequisite must be satisfied by either passing its exemption exam, if available, or successfully passing the prerequisite course.  A minimum score, determined by the department faculty of the exam, must be achieved to successfully exempt a course. A student cannot attempt to exempt a course in which he or she is currently enrolled.

A student is not allowed to take exemption exams for previously attempted courses. Students who attempted a course but failed or withdrew may not sit for an exemption exam in that course. The only exception is for those courses that a student successfully completed but that have become “obsolete” because they are over four years old. No exemption exam may be attempted more than once. 

A non-refundable fee equal to 25% of course tuition is charged for each exam based on the student’s resident type.  This fee must be paid prior to taking the exam. Financial Aid will not cover the cost of exemption exam fees. The fee requirement is waived for eligible dual enrollment students.

The Testing Center will notify the students of the results of the exams. If the student successfully exempts a course, a grade of “EX” will be assigned. It is not calculated into the grade point average. The Records Office will confirm all passing exam scores have been awarded course credit by email and record the grade on the student’s transcript.

Please note that Exemption Exam credit from one college is not likely to transfer to another institution. In addition, credit for Exemption Exam cannot be counted as credit hours taken in a semester for full-time status. 

***Dual Enrollment students seeking to exempt SPAN 1101 should review this checklist to ensure skills necessary for success in SPAN 1102 have been mastered.

For more information regarding credit for Degree Level courses, please see information regarding CLEP.

Exemption Exams and Fees

Registration Process

  1. Register and pay online for an Exemption Exam. Walk-in registrations are not available for Exemption Exams.
  2. On exam date, please bring a valid government issued Photo ID.
  3. Depending on the Exemption Exam, you may also need your BlackBoard Login information.
  4. Scores will be sent as quickly as possible once exams have been graded. Some exams require grading by program instructors.
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