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Georgia Pesticide Exam

Assessment Overview

The Georgia Department of Agriculture and the Structural Pest Control Commission has partnered with the Technical College System of Georgia to offer computerized administration of the Structural Pest Control Examinations. Examinees can take the following three types of examinations listed below:

  • Employee Registration Examination
  • Commercial Examination
  • Certification Examination

To more information concerning qualifications to take these exams please review the Georgia Pest Exam website and this document concerning exam requirements and FAQs.

Registration Process

  1. Schedule your Georgia Pesticide Exam by going to this Georgia Pest Exam web page.
  2. Print your application and acquire all applicable signatures. This document may be uploaded as an attachment during the registration process below.
  3. Payment may be made by pre-registering or upon arrival on test date with a credit/debit card. If pre-registering, be sure to select the same campus for which you scheduled through the GA Pest Exam website.
  4. On the test date, please bring a valid government issued Photo ID.
  5. Your application with all applicable signatures will be required upon arrival on test date if not previously uploaded during the registration process.
  6. Results will be provided immediately following test completion.