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Assessment Overview (Available March 2021)

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) helps you receive college credit for what you already know, for a fraction of the cost of a college course. Developed by the College Board, CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program. CLEP offers 34 exams that cover intro-level college course material. With a passing score on one CLEP exam, you could earn three or more college credits at more than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities.

CLEP was created to help individuals with prior knowledge in a college course subject earn their degree efficiently and inexpensively. Prior learning could have taken place through advanced high school courses, independent reading and study, online courseware or textbooks, noncredit courses, or on-the-job training. CLEP benefits everyone including high school students, college students, adult learners, service members and veterans, and professionals seeking continuing education credits.

We encourage you to visit your college or university of choice for a listing of the equivalent courses and minimum passing scores for credit. Chattahoochee Tech’s college level examination placement course listings may be found here (CLEP) Credit.

CLEP Scheduling Process

1. Go to CLEP to register and purchase your assessment(s).
2. Then Register and pay for your test appointment with Chattahoochee Tech Testing Center. (Available March 2021)
3. On the test date, please bring your CLEP Exam Registration ticket and a valid government issued Photo ID.

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