Proctored Exams

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Proctored Exams Overview

The Testing Center proctors exams for a fee for any individual taking distance education courses through other institutions of higher learning, or as required by a company for prospective employment. The fee is determined by the total time of each exam that is proctored by Testing Center staff.

Please Note: All exams are proctored as directed and stipulated by the individual’s institution or prospective employer.

Registration Process

1. Set up a proctored exam request with your home institution or prospective employer at least one week prior to the test date of the proctored exam.
2. Have institution or prospective employer email with required proctor forms at least one week prior to scheduled date of the proctored exam.
3. Register and pay for the exam at least four (4) business days prior to the scheduled test date.
4. Bring a valid government issued Photo ID and any other allowable test materials as stipulated by the institution or prospective employer on the test date.

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