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Credits Earned Outside of CTC

Course credit awarded by other than satisfactory completion of a course at Chattahoochee Technical College may be earned as follows:

  • Credit by Transfer
  • Advanced Placement Credit (AP)
  • College Level Examination Placement Credit (CLEP)
  • Military Credit (see Credit by Transfer)
  • International Baccalaureate Credit (IB)
  • Credit by Examination
  • Experiential Learning Credit
  • Defense and Non-Traditional Exam Service (DANTES/DSST)

Credit by Transfer

Chattahoochee Technical College recognizes previous postsecondary coursework from regionally accredited colleges that is applicable to a student’s program of study. A student who presents credit for evaluation and transfer should be aware that the awarding of credit does not guarantee that the college subsequently attended by the student will accept those credits. A student may receive credit for courses taken at another postsecondary institution by meeting the following criteria:

  • The courses must meet the quality of standards established by Chattahoochee Technical College and should consist of essentially the same content and credit hours as the courses at CTC.
  • An official transcript from the institution attended is on file in the Office of Admissions, verifying a grade of C or better for each course being considered for transfer credit.
  • There are no time limits on transferability of general education courses or other occupational courses not listed above.
  • If a written course description or syllabus is needed, it will be your responsibility to obtain appropriate documentation.
  • No credit is awarded for learning support courses.
  • Courses that do not have identical course identification codes, but include essential competency areas, may transfer upon approval from the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Full credit will be awarded for courses taken under approved standards within the Technical College System of Georgia, provided the criteria listed above are met. Transfer of credit will be indicated on the student’s transcript with the letters TR. Grade points are not assigned to courses that are transferred. Chattahoochee Technical College reserves the right to review the credentials of faculty for the previously attended college as well as test the proficiency of students for course work that is transferred in. No more than 75% of the total required hours in any program will be approved for transfer credit.

Students may use the Course Transfer Search Engine to see how outside credits will transfer to CTC.


Check out GAtracs, a tool that helps determine if credits earned at another Georgia college or university will transfer to CTC.

Important Note: GAtracs is an unofficial guide towards calculating your transfer credit. CTC evaluators will review each transcript based on content and credit hours and award credit based on CTC standards.