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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I send my transcripts or score report?

In order to receive transfer credit for a course, submit an official transcript or score report to the following address:

Chattahoochee Technical College
Attn: Records Office
980 South Cobb Drive
Marietta, GA 30060

If the institution is sending your transcript or score report to us via a secure, electronic service, the recipient email should be

Please note: Chattahoochee Tech does not accept official transcripts via email.

Institutions do not send electronic transcripts via email; this is simply an identifier.

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What if my name has changed?

If you are sending in an official transcript from another institution that has your previous name on it and you did not list it on your application for admissions, the transcript may not be identified as being yours.

Please contact data entry via email to update your records so that your transcript may be matched to your record in a timely manner.

If your name has changed since you applied for admissions complete a Name Change Request form.

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How will my credits transfer in? (Course Transfer Search Engine)

The Course Transfer Search Engine is a tool students’ can use to see how coursework from other colleges and universities may transfer to Chattahoochee Tech. The list of courses is not comprehensive; we are continually updating it with more courses and institutions. The information is provided only as a guide.

Can’t Find Your Course?

We transfer many courses that are not yet listed in our system. If you cannot find a course, it just means we have not evaluated it yet. When we evaluate your transcripts, all courses completed with a C or higher will be reviewed for course equivalencies.

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How will my credits transfer between schools in Georgia?

GAtracs is a tool that helps determine if credits earned at another Georgia college or university will transfer to Chattahoochee Tech.

Important Note: GAtracs is an unofficial guide towards calculating your transfer credit. Chattahoochee Technical College evaluators will review each transcript based on content and credit hours and award credit based on Chattahoochee Tech standards.

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Where can I view my transfer credits?

Your transfer credit will be available for you to view through BannerWeb To view the transfer credits you’ve been awarded, log in to your BannerWeb account and follow the instructions below to view your credits.

To view your credits via BannerWeb:

  1. Log in using your username and password
  2. Choose “Student Services & Financial Aid”
  3. Choose “Student Records”
  4. Choose “View Unofficial Academic Transcript”
  5. In the drop down menus choose:
    Transcript Level: All Levels
    Transcript Type: Un-Official
    Click Submit
  6. A list of your transfer credits will be listed under “Transfer Credit Accepted by Institution.”

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How do I get my transcript re-evaluated?

Missing credits? If your transcript evaluation is complete and you feel we have missed a course, please submit a Transcript Re-Evaluation Request Form.

When filling out the form, include specific courses you would like evaluated and attach any supporting documentation (syllabus or course descriptions) that may help prove course equivalencies. Transcript Re-Evaluation requests take approximately 10 business days to process and when they are complete you will receive an email to Chattahoochee Tech student email address.

Important Notes to Consider:

  • Courses must be completed at a regionally accredited institution
  • Courses must meet the quality of standards established by Chattahoochee Technical College and should consist of essentially the same content as the courses at Chattahoochee Technical College.
  • No credit is awarded for learning support/remedial courses.
  • Courses that do not have identical course codes and content or there is a credit hour discrepancy must be approved by the Associate Dean.
  • A grade of C or higher must have been earned in the course
  • Courses must have the same number of credit hours (or greater) as the equivalent course at Chattahoochee Technical College. 1 Semester hour = 1.5 Quarter hours.

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What is my next step after I’m accepted to Chattahoochee Tech?

Once accepted to Chattahoochee Technical College, here are some helpful links:

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How do I find my Academic Advisor?

Based on your program of study, you have a specific set of academic advisors to guide you. Visit our Academic Advisement page for more specific information on how to find your advisor.

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How do I transfer my Chattahoochee Tech credits to another college?

Course transferability is determined by the institution accepting the transfer credit. Most schools will require an official transcript to award transfer credit.

Request an Official Transcript

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Interested in making an educational plan for college beyond Chattahoochee Tech?

The Office of Advisement has the resources available to help you in your journey.

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