Transcript Re-Evaluation Policy and Request

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Chattahoochee Technical College recognizes previous postsecondary coursework from regionally accredited colleges that are applicable to a student’s program of study. See catalog for additional information on transfer credit requirements.

Important Notes to Consider:

  • The courses must meet the quality of standards established by Chattahoochee Technical College and should consist of essentially the same content as the courses at Chattahoochee Tech.
  • No credit is awarded for learning support/remedial courses.
  • Transfer courses taken on a semester system must consist of (3) credit hours or more and quarter system must consist of (5) credit hours or more.
  • Any courses that do not have identical course codes and content or there is a credit hour issue must be approved by the Academic Dean.
  • Any classes that you are disputing will need a course description and a course syllabus included and attached to this appeal form (no description attachment; no review).

See college catalog for additional information on:

  • Military credit
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Credit or College Level Examination

Transcript Re-Evaluation Request Form

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