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Postsecondary Institution Coursework

Post-secondary institution coursework includes courses taken at other regionally accredited colleges and universities.

Credits will be awarded on your academic transcript as: TRA, TRB, or TRC based on the grade earned in the course.

Transfer credit is granted based on the following criteria:

  • Fully accepted to the college. We do not evaluate transcripts before your admission process is complete.
  • Transcripts on file must be official; unofficial transcripts will not be evaluated for transfer credit
  • The course taken has the same number of credit hours (or greater) as the equivalent course at Chattahoochee Technical College. 1 Semester hour = 1.5 Quarter hours.
  • An official transcript reflects a grade of “C” or higher was earned in the course
  • Courses that do not have identical course codes (ex. MATH, HIST), but include essentially the same content, may transfer upon approval from the Associate Dean for that course. If a written course description or syllabus is needed to show competency areas, it will be the students’ responsibility to obtain appropriate documentation.

Other Notes:

  • No credit is awarded for learning support, developmental, or remedial courses.
  • Transfer credits will not count in your CTC GPA.
  • Only undergraduate coursework will be evaluated.
  • CTC reserves the right to review the credentials of faculty for the previously attended college as well as test the proficiency of students for course work that is transferred in.