Films on Demand Service Offers Students and Faculty a New Tool for Class

The art and science of researching a topic at one of Chattahoochee Technical College’s campus libraries has expanded beyond books and periodicals. One feature that is available to students is Films on Demand.

Almost 4,000 videos and more than 40,000 video segments are available for students to view either on or off-campus. Subject areas for these videos include careers and job searching, family and consumer sciences, guidance and counseling, nursing and allied health, as well as a wide range of other business, technical and trade education topics. The service is free to students through the library’s website.

Faculty members also have access to the videos that can be used in classroom presentations. Videos and segments can be added to Angel or as part of an assignment to supplement the information provided from textbooks and other sources.

The videos are available via GALILEO by selecting the Films on Demand database. The videos are also available by searching the library catalog. Off-campus access to GALILEO requires a password that can be obtained from one of the campus librarians.

The service is available through streaming video, so there is no need to download or install software to view. These videos are available 24/7. Students can view videos to be used as sources for their research papers or assignments. Additionally video segments can be used in classroom presentations. Films on Demand offers students the ability to cite the videos in research papers. Each video has a sample citation available in both MLA and APA styles.

For more information on this and other services provided by the Chattahoochee Technical College Library, students and faculty are encouraged to speak with a librarian at any of the college campuses or visit



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