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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources

Campus Access for Spring Semester: Open limited hours to public and students, including for face-to-face classes.

We encourage all members of the College’s community to monitor the CDC and the Coronavirus websites as it provides the most current information.

Face coverings are required of all faculty, staff, students and visitors while on campus.

Check out our new COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form.

Campus specific office hours.

Need some extra support? Visit our Counseling Services and Student Advocacy page.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please send us a direct message here.

Additional Resources

COVID-19 Hotline for the State of Georgia.

Contact Guidance
Georgia Department of Public Health.

General Information from Georgia Department of Public Health.

COVID-19 Addendum to Student Code of Conduct
COVID-19 and Public Health-Informed Campus Policies.

Faculty and Staff Employee Rights poster.

Mass Gathering Information
Guidance from the CDC on mass gatherings.