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Feeling sick? Stay home. Self-Report. Access the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form in the me@CTC menu.

Funding & Cost

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Dual Enrollment Funding

Students are limited to a total of 30 dual enrollment funding hours, with a limit of 15 hours per semester. This includes all attempted hours at all colleges and universities where dual enrollment funding was used, not just those hours taken at Chattahoochee Tech.

Credit hours taken over 30 semester hours will be the out-of-pocket responsibility of the student. Tuition and fee rates will apply and vary from dual enrollment rates and students will be responsible for paying course fees, books, and supplies.

The HB444 law states, after withdrawal from a second dual credit course, a student shall be ineligible to take any dual credit courses. A student is no longer eligible to continue to receive program funding after withdrawing from Dual Enrollment course(s) two (2) times. A student may not receive funding to repeat or retake a course.  Please refer to the HB444 and GSFC guidelines by visiting the GA Futures website.


A dual enrollment funding application must be completed every year by the student through GAfutures.org and approved by parent/guardian, high school counselor (or home school administrator), and college for funding to be applied to the student’s balance.

HOPE Grant and HOPE Career Grant Bridge Funding

The HOPE Grant and HOPE Career Grant Bridge Funding can be used to fund additional courses for regular dual enrollment students after the student has exhausted their 30 dual enrollment funded hours.

Students wishing to use the HOPE Grant/HOPE Career Grant must choose from a HOPE Career Grant programs at CTC.

Students who use the HOPE Grant/HOPE Career Grant must meet HOPE residency requirements.

Any HOPE Career Grant or HOPE Grant hours used will count against HOPE and Zell Miller caps.

Dual Enrollment Funding HOPE Grant Chart


10th–12th graders who are not eligible for dual enrollment funding or HOPE Grant/HOPE Career Grant to cover their Dual Enrollment courses are responsible for paying all tuition, required fees, and textbook/access code costs. 

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