Student Body Diversity

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Chattahoochee Technical College values the diversity of its student body, which enriches student learning and the student experience.

Fall Semester 2021 Student Body Diversity Data


  • 48.42% of full-time students are women
  • 51.58% of full-time students are men


Among those full-time students reporting racial and ethnic affiliations (noting that students are able to report an affiliation with more than one group):

  • 0.42% are American Indian or Alaska Native
  • 3.62% are Asian
  • 26.66% are Black or African American
  • 19.34% are Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.08% are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • 46.15% are White
  • 3.58% are two or more races
  • 0.27% are unknown or unreported
  • 2.27% are Nonresident Alien

Pell Grant Recipients

  • 41.69% of full-time students received a Federal Pell Grant
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