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Departmental Organization Chart

Chattahoochee Technical College is one of 22 colleges within the Technical College System of Georgia.

If you are inquiring about job openings in any of the departments, please click the boxes on the organization chart, and you will be directed to the college’s Job Description Warehouse.

The college’s organizational structure:

College President:
Dr. Ron Newcomb

• Executive Assistant to the President

VP for Academic Affairs:
Mr. Jason Tanner

Academic Deans/Institute Directors:

• Dean of Health Sciences

– Program Director(s)
– Associate Dean – Health Sciences
– Associate Dean – Nursing
– Associate Dean – ALHS and CNA

• Dean of Arts and Sciences

– Associate Dean – Science
– Associate Dean – Social Science
– Associate Dean – Mathematics
– Associate Dean – English and Humanities

• Dean of Business & Technical Studies

– Associate Dean – Technical Studies
– Associate Dean – Public and Professional Services/Media Tech
– Associate Dean – Business, Management and Computers

• Dean of Academic Support

– Director of Libraries
– Director of Academic Success
– Academic Director of Distance Learning
– Director of Adult Education
– Director of Advising

• Dean of Economic Development

– Associate Dean

VP for Administrative Services:
Ms. Catrice Hufsteteler

• Executive Director Compliance and Finance

– Director of Accounting
– Director of Finance and Compliance

• Executive Director Student Financial Service

– Director of Student Financial Aid

VP for Student Affairs:
Mrs. Jennifer Nelson

• Executive Director Admissions and Records

– Director of Records
– Director of Admissions
– Director of Student Outreach and Recruitment

• Executive Director Student Success
–  Director of Student Engagement and Retention Services

• Director of Alumni and Annual Giving

VP for Facilities:
Mr. David Simmons

• Director of Facilities
• Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police

VP for Human Resources:
Mr. Ron Price

• Executive Director Community Engagement
• Director of Human Resources
• Director of Human Resources Payroll

Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives:
Dr. Trina Boteler

• Executive Director Technology Advancement Support Services
• Director Academic Technology
• Director, Communications and Network Administration
• Director of Institutional Effectiveness