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Chattahoochee Technical College defines community engagement as establishing communication between the college and the public in order to foster mutual relations that contribute to a better community for all individuals. This outreach process promotes the college’s educational mission of being a good citizen in the communities in which we serve. Our outreach and engagement efforts help to showcase CTC to enable access to higher education possibilities for these communities.

The eight (8) campuses of CTC are strategically located and provide the college with ideal opportunities for collaborative partnerships and projects with external stakeholders that enrich the communities in which we serve. For communities, collaborating with CTC increases their ability and capacity to solve important economic, social, and cultural problems. For all involved, community outreach and engagement enriches communities and provides opportunities for social and civic responsibility.

CTC’s community engagement activities include:

– Attending meetings with civic and community leaders in our service areas, when appropriate, to advance technical education in these respective communities.
– Providing a variety of outreach services/activities for assorted stakeholder groups in the community.
– Participating in local community events.

Chattahoochee Technical College spans six (6) counties serving more than 1.5 million residents. For this reason, CTC has designated representatives who provide outreach, support, and services for their respective communities. At CTC, we believe everyone is an ambassador and that everyone can serve.

The College is focused on creating long-term partnerships with businesses, community leaders, civic organizations, community groups, government entities/agencies, and schools. CTC realizes that each community provides its own unique qualities. Therefore, the college focuses on engaging with the community on problem solving and providing a resource of information and services in order to assist with meeting the needs of each respective community.

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