Need to report incidents of COVID-19? Access the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form in the me@CTC menu.
Need to report incidents of COVID-19? Access the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form in the me@CTC menu.

2018-2021 Strategic Goals and Objectives

Path Icons


Student Success – Strengthen the college’s focus on student success and completion.

– Implement recruitment and retention activities to promote completion and decrease length of time to completion.
– Implement strategies for recruitment and outreach to different populations.
– Implement strategies/activities to improve student readiness & preparedness.
– Implement activities in academic and student support that will promote success.
– Identify internal benchmarks to determine student success and completion.


Learning and Workforce Development – Provide comprehensive, relevant, innovative instruction and programming.

– Align college programs with the needs of students, employers, and the larger community.
– Support the economic growth and development of the college’s service area.
– Increase college visibility and engagement with communities in the college’s service area.
– Broaden partnerships with industry and business leaders.


Resources – Utilize all college resources to increase the effectiveness of programs and services.

– Renovate, repair, and repurpose facilities as appropriate to support programs and services.
– Purchase equipment and technology updates with intentionality, promoting an efficient, reliable learning environment.
– Increase Employee Retention and Performance.
– Promote a culture of assessment throughout the college’s programs and services.
– Monitor the sources of funding supporting teaching and learning, operations, and capital projects to ensure long-term sustainability and financial health.

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