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Cap and Gown Orders

All candidates for graduation will wear approved regalia (black gown, caps, and tassels.) Appropriate dress for graduation includes black shoes for men and women. Men should wear dark pants. Please do not bring handbags or other personal items, as there is no way to secure the line-up rooms while we are at the ceremony.

There are three (3) ways to purchase regalia. If you already own a black regalia set and only need a tassel, those can be purchased for $6.00 in the campus bookstore.

Ordering at a campus bookstore:

  • Regalia can be purchased at the Marietta or North Metro bookstore.
  • The CTC Bookstore will notify you that your order has arrived. You must pick-up your order from the campus bookstore at which you placed the order.
  • Graduates may visit the college bookstore website for directions, bookstore hours, and contact information.
  • The deadline to order your cap and gown is Tuesday, April 16, 20198.

Ordering online through Jostens:

  • Regalia can be purchased online through Jostens by clicking here to get to the order form.
  • Orders will be shipped to the address that you choose. When ordering, keep in mind the Commencement date to ensure the regalia will arrive on time.
  • The deadline to order your cap and gown through the Jostens site is Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

Ordering online through Amazon.com:

  • Regalia set can be ordered through Amazon.com.
  • We recommend using this link for this set (cap/gown/tassel) to ensure that it includes all 3 items (cap/gown/tassel).
  • CTC is not responsible for the costs, arrival date or shipping methods that are used by Amazon.com.
  • Amazon.com is the recommended method for orders that are last minute and need to arrive on a very short notice.