Financial Aid for Transient Students

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Students in good standing at another accredited institution may be permitted to enroll as a transient student on a space-available basis in order to complete work to be transferred back to the home institution.

A Transient applicant must:

  • Submit a completed application and nonrefundable application fee to the Admissions Office by stated application deadline.
  • Present a transient letter from the home college by the document deadline.
  • Transient students must meet all current Chattahoochee Tech prerequisite requirements for enrollment into any class. In most situations, this will require the presentation of unofficial college transcripts.

NOTE:  Transient students are not guaranteed registration into desired class(es) and are not allowed to register during early registration.  A new transient letter is required for each term.

Financial Aid for Transient Study

  • HOPE/Zell Grants and Scholarships will cover a portion of the tuition at the host college.
  • PELL will not pay out or cover any tuition at the host college.
  • Technology fees are usually waived for Technical College students, who are enrolled in a course(s) at their home college.
  • PELL eligible students will receive their PELL refund from their home college, which will include credit for hours taken at the host college.

Financial Aid Forms needed for Transient Study

1. Technical Colleges

  • The financial aid section on the Transient Student Agreement Form needs to be completed by a financial aid officer at the Transient Student’s home college.
  • A Title IV Enrollment Verification Form is sent to the host college, to verify Transient Student’s enrollment status for Pell refund adjustments at home college.

2. State Colleges and Universities

  • Transients eligible for Hope Scholarship – a financial aid officer at student’s home college needs to submit a Hope Scholarship Eligibility Certificate to Surfer for student.
  • Transients eligible for Pell and Student Loans – a Consortium Agreement Form needs to be submitted to the financial aid office. 

NOTE: Each term, Consortium Agreement Forms will be submitted to the home college the day after Chattahoochee Technical College add/drop period.

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