Continuing Dual Enrollment Students

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If you are a student currently taking dual enrollment classes and plan to continue next semester, complete the steps below.

Step 1: Meet with your high school counselor/homeschool administrator to determine what course(s) will be taken at the college, confirm DE funding eligibility hours and that you are on track for completing your high school graduation requirements.

Step 2: Log into your Chattahoochee Tech BannerWeb account and register for classes.

Step 3: Submit a copy of your college class schedule to your high school counselor/homeschool administrator for them to approve your course(s) for Dual Enrollment Funding in GAfutures Homeschool administrators approve courses on GAfutures.

Step 4 (once per year): Complete Dual Enrollment Funding Application. 

If you previously took dual enrollment classes but did not take classes this past Fall or Spring; meet eligibility requirements, and would like to return to the dual enrollment program, you must complete the dual enrollment admissions process by the applicable deadline. If you have questions about your current status, please contact

If you are approaching your dual enrollment funding cap of 30 semester hours, you must complete the Funding Request Form to continue taking classes through Dual Enrollment. Visit our Dual Enrollment Funding page for more information on available funding options. If you have questions about your current funding availability of hours, please visit GAfutures.

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