Advisement Teams By Program

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What is an advisement team?

Advisement teams are comprised of either specified professional academic advisors or a combination of professional academic advisors and program faculty advisors. Advisement teams are assigned in our Banner system based on a student’s chosen program of study. Assigned advisement teams are visible to students in DegreeWorks.

Why do I have an advisement team for my program?

By creating a team of advisors, students have access to a more robust knowledge base since professional academic advisors and program faculty advisors each offer specialized and unique perspectives to their assigned programs. Students can choose and work with more than one advising team member based on the advising need at the time.

How do I find who is on my advisement team?

Students can visit the Meet Our Advisors page and look through the programs listed under each advisor. Advisement team contact information is also listed on the program’s webpage.

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