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Is this program for me?

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS) allows customization of the program of study based on each student’s academic and professional goals. The AIS requires completion of 61 semester credit hours. Areas of concentration include business and health sciences. The program curriculum may be strategically selected to build upon the student’s goals and objectives. Learning opportunities develop academic and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition or continued education. A student might choose an interdisciplinary studies program if his or her specific goals and interests cannot be met through a school’s existing degree, diplomas and certificates.

Academic Advising – AAS Interdisciplinary Studies

AAS Interdisciplinary Studies Business Sciences and General Education Tracks:

All students pursuing the Business Sciences and/or the General Education track of the Interdisciplinary Studies program must be advised by an Academic or Faculty Advisor listed below:
Academic and Faculty Advisors, by campus

AAS Interdisciplinary Studies Health Track:

All students pursuing the Health track of the Interdisciplinary Studies program must be advised by an advisor in Health Sciences.
Here is the Health Sciences Academic Advisement information.

The Associate of Applied Science in Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to take prerequisite courses for all of Chattahoochee Technical College’s Health Sciences programs. Students who plan to transfer to another college or university may also benefit by enrolling in and completing this program.

Students who plan to apply for one of Chattahoochee Technical College’s Health Sciences program must see a Health Sciences Advisor to develop the appropriate curriculum plan

Where might I find a job?

Businesses and government agencies may offer job opportunities that require the combination of technical proficiencies with the ability to clearly and accurately convey the proper and practical application of technologies in the workplace and among their customer or client base.

Campus Locations

Courses for the Interdisciplinary Studies program are offered at multiple campus and online.

Business Management Track

Interdisciplinary Studies Business Management Track

Computer Information Systems Track

Interdisciplinary Studies Computer Information Systems Track

General Education Track

Interdisciplinary Studies General Education Track

Health Track

Interdisciplinary Studies Health Track