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Student Email

Chattahoochee Technical College has adopted the Microsoft Live@edu solution for student email. Features include E-mail storage space, a personal calendar, contact/address books, even storage space for documents on Microsoft’s OneDrive system. Here, you can store your class work or any other files you may have, and they will be available anywhere!

Student E-mail

Getting Started

Your student E-mail address is:     username@students.chattahoocheetech.edu

NOTE: Please use your username:  username   (lowercase letters) when logging in to your student E-mail.

Your password is Capital CTC “dash” 6 digit birth Date (EX. CTC-000000)
Example:  John Smith was born 1/20/1975
John Smith’s Password:  CTC-012075

Please use the same login information for the campus computers and the student wifi.

Please use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser.

The Student E-mail URL is: http://outlook.com/students.chattahoocheetech.edu