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Peer Mentoring is a new program offered by Chattahoochee Tech to assist first-time or first generation college students make a smooth transition to college. Mentoring consists of an interactive team focused approach to enhancing and enriching a new student’s opportunities to successfully set and attain goals toward successful completion of a program of study that results in graduation.

The mentor is committed to listen, understand, coach, and encourage his or her mentee(s) to persist in college by connection to resources, campus services and activities within the college. A mentorship program pairs an experienced student with a new student. The mentor becomes an experience link to help students navigate the educational process while emphasizing the importance of sustained goal-setting, training and quality education.

For a new student, college can be an exciting journey, but the journey can be frightening or overwhelming at first. We have students who are transitioning from the safe haven of high school to the independence of college as well as other non-traditional age students who need the encouragement and support.

A lot of college tasks become routine after the first year: seeking advisement, renewing financial aid, buying textbooks and codes, understanding the wealth of resources, and navigating around one campus or several campuses. This knowledge accrued by an experienced student can be valuable to a new student.

The purpose of the peer mentor program is to serve as an integral part of the college, to promote academic success and student development, persistence, and culminating in successful graduation of students who are mentored.

Program Objectives

  • Foster a supportive education environment
  • Help with academic, social, personal and goal setting skills which enable students to understand the challenges of college and enhance opportunities for academic success
  • Motivate students’ involvement and form bonds in the campus community and within the college
  • Improve communication and promote interaction between students, faculty, and staff
  • Perform assessments on the performance, retention and success of students including investigating reasons for stop out and drop out
  • Allow Student Support Services greater understanding of students’ challenges and obstacles
  • Assist students in developing a positive self-image through special workshops, speakers and cultural activities
  • Serve as a liaison between the student, staff, and instructors when called upon
  • Orient and direct students to campus and community resources and support services
  • Help develop students’ leadership and self-advocacy skills
  • Help provide a supportive and caring environment for the student

Mentor and Mentee Roles

Why do we encourage a Peer Mentor Program?

Many students transitioning from high school to college or beginning college after having been in the workforce have the following challenges:

  • Poor pre-college preparation
  • Poor understanding of their college responsibilities and obligations
  • Lack of college knowledge in which mentors can provide the following:
    – Assistance in seeking resources and services on campus
    – Assistance with study skills; however, this is not a tutoring role
    – Assistance in organization and time management skills
  • Limited career aspirations
  • Lack of family support
  • First generation college student
  • Experiences disconnect between school and family cultures
  • May experience lack of connection to campus community
  • May have ill-defined career goals or educational aspirations
  • Other family, community, and employment obligations and commitments

I am interested! How do I get started?

If you are interested in either being a mentor or a mentee, please fill out a Peer Mentor Application (which includes a Responsibility Agreement) or a Peer Mentee Application (which includes a Responsibility Agreement) online.

We will begin each semester with a “Kick-Off Luncheon” and some activities to help you feel comfortable in your role. Each semester we will have a few activities scheduled for mentors to receive further training if desired. At the end of the semester we will celebrate the conclusion of the term.

Questions? Please contact me:

Cheri Mattox-Carroll
Chattahoochee Technical College
Student Support Services
North Metro Campus, 132N
5198 Ross Road SE
Acworth, GA 30102

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