Testing Requests

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Please allow three (3) business days’ notice for all requests.

Exam on Monday: Request should be submitted by the previous Wednesday.

Exam on Tuesday: Request should be submitted by the previous Thursday.

Exam on Wednesday: Request should be submitted by the previous Friday.

Exam on Thursday: Request should be submitted by Monday (earlier that same week).

Exam on Friday: Request should be submitted by Tuesday (earlier that same week).

Important: Failure to provide three (3) business days’ notice for a testing request will result in your request being denied.  Note: Weekends & holidays do not qualify as business days.  Students should plan accordingly when submitting their requests so that all requests are received a minimum of 3 business days in advance.

Please Note: Only students registered with Disability Support Services will be provided with accommodations that have been approved according to the Accommodation Letter.

Testing Accommodation Requests for North Metro, Woodstock, Canton or Appalachian

Testing Accommodation Requests for Marietta, Mountain View or Paulding

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