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Student Loans

The Chattahoochee Financial Aid Office requires that students first apply for financial aid by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for any state or federal financial aid eligibility before considering private loan options.

Chattahoochee Technical College does not participate in the Federal Stafford Student Loan program or the Federal Parent PLUS Loan program. Loans should be used as a last resort to pay for education. Students needing loans to finance their education must consider private loan options.

Private student loans are different from federal student loans in that they are not guaranteed by the federal government, require a credit check, and often require a co-signer. Terms and conditions vary significantly by lender. Carefully consider your needs, and then select a loan product that best meets your individual situation.

Selecting a private/alternative education loan can be a daunting task. The link below will provide information to help you make an informed decision. In addition to being informative, this link will provide a list of just some of the lenders who offer private student loans. We suggest you research the loans and the lender to find the best interest rate and terms of your loan. Please be aware that when viewing the private lender web pages below that you will be leaving the Chattahoochee Technical College web site.

Apply for Private Student Loans Here

NOTE: Students may borrow with any lender offering a private student loan. Chattahoochee Technical College does not discriminate against lenders and will certify loans from any private lender provided the student meets the lender’s eligibility requirements.

Your lender will notify us of your credit-approved application. After determining your actual eligibility, we will certify your loan. The process can take up to five (5) to six (6) weeks from the time you apply until receipt of funds.

If you choose a loan option that is not listed, please contact the lender directly to determine the application process.

Once the loan proceeds are electronically received by CTC, they will be disbursed to your BankMobile selection, and your outstanding charges, if any, will automatically be deducted before the balance is sent out. Any remaining credit balances will be applied to your BankMobile Refund Selection.

No loan funds will be disbursed before the start of classes, and refunds will be sent out according to the refund schedule issued by the Bursar’s office each term.

Bookstore credits are available. If your private loan disbursement and/or other sources of financial aid exceeds your tuition and fee balance, you will have a credit in the CTC bookstore.

If you charge books at the bookstore and later cancel your private student loan or drop your complete schedule prior to the first day of classes, you will be responsible for payment of the total book purchase to CTC immediately.

BORROW SMART. Technically, you can borrow student loans up to your cost of attendance, which includes not only tuition and fees, but also other expenses, such as housing, food, and transportation. But you are never required to borrow the maximum. If you only need funds for tuition and fees, borrow only that amount. Private loans must be repaid. So students should borrow smart, and borrow only what you need!