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Campus Recruitment Guidelines (MUST REVIEW AND ACCEPT)

Position announcement(s) must be posted to CTC’s Handshake account prior to the visit.
If you are not yet connected with us on Handshake, we’d love to partner with you. To sign up for Handshake, visit We’re happy to help with these steps.
Promotional Material
Posters and flyers advertising employment opportunities for students must be approved by Career Development Services prior to posting. Any employment notices or flyers posted or distributed on campus without approval will immediately be removed.
If you have any flyers, logos, etc. to share that we can use in promoting your visit, please send them to us at Career.Services@ChattahoocheeTech.Edu.
I have reviewed the Campus Recruitment Guidelines and will abide by them. (All options below are required)
We look forward to connecting you to our excellent CTC students!
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