Third-Party Payments

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We have students who have generous employers or other outside agencies like Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act [WIOA], Veterans’ Administration, Bright from the Start, etc. (third-parties) that assist with paying tuition and/or fees. In most cases, the employer or agency will provide the student with a voucher or ‘promise to pay.’ That document, e-mail, or other ‘promise to pay’ information, should be sent to The Student Accounts Office will enter this information so that a student is not dropped for non-payment on scheduled payment deadlines. Students may also submit that same paperwork to the Student Accounts Office (cashier) on any campus.

Banner Information

Before payment deadlines, students who are receiving payments from third-parties should ensure that the Student Accounts Office has received the needed information and updated the student’s Banner Web account.

To view the third-party information on Banner Web after you log in:

  1. Go to Student Services and Financial Aid
  2. Select Financial Aid
  3. Select Award
  4. Select Account Detail for Term

Any financial aid (HOPE, Pell, etc.) will show in the top portion of the screen, and any third-party information will show after any financial aid information (if applicable).

Special note for payments from 529 plans: These payments, when received, will show as true “payments” on a student’s Banner Web account and not as “third-party” payments. This being the case, they will show in the top section of Banner Web’s student account detail.

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