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Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) cater to a variety of student interests to include political, social, cultural, professional, leadership, and technical venues related to programs of study. Students are encouraged to enrich their educational and leadership skills through involvement in an organization at the college.

Students involved in an organization will find greater connectivity with the college, peers, and advisors, and are more likely to remain in college through graduation or completion of educational and professional goals. All students are invited to participate in RSOs on campus to complement their academic education, to gain leadership skills, and to build connections with their peers of similar interests and academic goals.

Organizations with an asterisk (*) may have special requirements for joining.

Aquila – CTC Literary Organization

Aquila exists to provide student members with opportunities to come in contact with literary resources through lectures, meetings, workshops, discussions and other events.

Advisor: Dr. Judy Cannon, judy.cannon@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Jennifer Staton, jennifer.staton@chattahoocheetech.edu 
Co-Advisor: Robin Thomas, rthomas@chattahoocheetech.edu

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

Association of Information Technology Professionals is a student branch of a national professional organization. This chapter was founded in 1968 and is designed for students planning careers in information technology. The chapter has monthly meetings with speakers from area companies. Local competition winners compete at regional and national conferences.

Advisor: Max Trivers, max.trivers@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Steven Tate, steven.tate@chattahoocheetech.edu

Automotive Club (AC)

This club exists for students who are enrolled in an automotive program or are interested in automotive pursuits. Members work on car restoration and other projects, attend car shows, and interact with professionals in the field to further their working knowledge in this industry.

Advisor: Larry Cardell, Larry.Cardell@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Matthew Fink, matthew.fink@chattahoocheetech.edu

Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU serves to assist students with their educational goals by providing support services as well as raising awareness to the student body the areas of Black cultural concern. The organization also fosters an environment where students can be proud of their culture and make a positive presence felt on campus through various individual events and collaborations with other organizations.

Advisor: Dea Barker, dea.barker@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Shalanda Dixon, Shalanda.Dixon@chattahoocheetech.edu

CLT Club (Clinical Laboratory Technology)*

This organization’s purpose is to further the knowledge of the CLT professional through educational opportunities. This will be accomplished by offering guest speakers and member presentations. In addition, the organization encourages participation with local, state and national professional organizations. Other activities include fundraisers and community projects. This club exists for students who are currently enrolled in the CLT program.

Advisor: Robin Aiken, Robin.Aiken@chattahoocheetech.edu

Entertainment Technology Council (ETC)

This organization’s purpose is to enhance the member skills to enter the broadcast industry including film, television, radio and news media.

Advisor: Meredith Muse, Meredith.muse@chattahoocheetech.edu

Interiors Club

The Interiors Club was created to educate and expose students to the world of interior design. The club will help members create and organize portfolios, polish individual resumes, and share concepts and ideas with one another. The purpose of the organization is to advance the theory and practice of interior design. Through various projects, students will build strong social and educational ties that foster high academic achievement and interaction with interior design professionals in the community.

Advisor: Ginger Burton, Ginger.Burton@chattahoocheetech.edu

International Club

The International Club acts as an active support group of the International Community. It serves as a focal point for International student initiatives, concerns, and social functions. The Club sponsors an annual celebration of International Education Week highlighting the cultural diversity of the college and its educational programs of interest. Club members practice cross-cultural skills as they learn to be global leaders and participate in service projects. Selected Club members participate in the annual Georgia International Leadership Conference.

Advisor: Greg Moor, Greg.Moor@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Angie Gonzalez, Angie.Gonzalez@chattahoocheetech.edu

Lambda Nu (Radiography Organization)*

Lambda Nu is a national honor society for the radiologic and imaging sciences. Its objectives are to foster academic scholarship and promote research and investigation in the radiologic and imaging sciences. This club is only for Radiography students who are currently enrolled in the program.

Advisor: Jamie Bailey, Jamie.Bailey@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Malcolm Paschall, Malcolm.Paschall@chattahoocheetech.edu

National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)*

NTHS is a national organization with the goal of honoring outstanding technical college students. Membership is based on GPA and number of hours completed.

Advisor: Kathy Coleman, kathy.coleman@chattahoocheetech.edu
Advisor: Roger Reynolds, rreynolds@chattahoocheetech.edu

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

Phi Beta Lambda is a student branch of a national organization that provides opportunities for students who have career plans in business and office occupations. Students hold monthly meetings, sponsor service projects, and participate in state conferences and competitions.

Advisor: Ryan Greene, rgreene@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Brian Moss, bmoss@chattahoocheetech.edu


PRISM is a registered student organization for LGBTQ+ students and their allies. Our purpose is to create an inclusive, educational and safe environment. we focus on education within the community, teaching others, and improving the understanding of those around us.

Advisor: Theresa Nettles, Theresa.nettles@chattahoocheetech.edu

Professional Land Care Network (NALP)

The professional Land Care Network is an organization for students in the Environmental Horticulture program. PLANET participates in garden tours, seminars, industry-related trade shows, and PLANET Student Field Day and Career Day. This organization provides an opportunity for members to improve their leadership skills and explore careers in the horticulture field.

Advisor: John Hatfield, John.Hatfield@chattahoocheetech.edu

Public Safety Club

The club exists primarily for students planning to enter public safety careers in criminal justice, paramedics/EMT, fire science, and any other related field. In addition to regular meetings, students also take trips to enhance their knowledge in the field, such as an earlier trip to Philadelphia to learn about the U.S. Constitution.

Advisor: Craig Cass, Craig.Cass@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Jennifer Combs, jcombs@chattahoocheetech.edu

Rho Tau Alpha (Physical Therapist Assistant) Club

Rho Tau Alpha’s (PTA) mission is to create a better understanding of the vastness, diversity, and complexity of the profession of physical therapy through a supportive and informative environment for students enrolled in the physical therapist assistant program.

Advisor: Stephanie Puffer, Stephanie.Puffer@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Morgan Marcum, Morgan.Marcum@chattahoocheetech.edu

Sigma Alpha Pi – The National Society of Leadership and Success*

Sigma Alpha Pi exists to assist college students in creating the lives they desire by helping students discover what they truly want to do and giving them the support and tools to achieve their goals. Membership is based on GPA.

Advisor: Shari Szalwinski, Shari.Szalwinski@chattahoocheetech.edu
Co-Advisor: Danielle Steele, Danielle.steele@chattahoocheetech.edu


SkillsUSA is a national organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health fields. The organization’s purpose is to complement student skills training with personal development. Students learn such qualities and attitudes as leadership, citizenship, self-respect, and high standards of craftsmanship and ethics. Students may participate in state and national competitions. It was formerly known as VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America).

Advisor: Frances Carlson, fcarlson@chattahoocheetech.edu

Surgical Technology

The Surgical Technology Club is an organization that aims to provide surgical technology professionals with skill, knowledge, and experiences that will help them deliver total quality patient care. To accomplish this goal, educational opportunities are offered via guest speakers, shared experiences, and member presentations. Other activities include fundraisers and community projects.

Advisor: Lorraine Wilderman, Lorraine.Wilderman@chattahoocheetech.edu