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Eagle Bucks

The Eagle Bucks Incentive Program was established to award students for engaging across campus by attending a variety of events and programs. Events are pre-assigned a number of Eagle Bucks (either 5 or 10) by the Office of Student Involvement, depending on the level of involvement within the event. A calendar of events can be found on the Student Involvement main webpage.

Prize Levels:

10 Eagle Bucks: Koozie + Drink & Snack
20 Eagle Bucks: T-Shirt
30 Eagle Bucks: Water Bottle & Scantron
40 Eagle Bucks: Sunglasses & Car Decal
50 Eagle Bucks: Spin the Wheel
60 Eagle Bucks: Movie Tickets (2)
70 Eagle Bucks: Mini Tumbler
80 Eagle Bucks: Long Sleeve T-Shirt
90 Eagle Bucks: Bowling Passes (2)
100 Eagle Bucks: Snack Day
125 Eagle Bucks: Stadium Bag
150 Eagle Bucks: Blanket & Campfire Mug
175 Eagle Bucks: Charging Pack
200 Eagle Bucks: Six Flags Tickets (2)
225 Eagle Bucks: Speaker & Headphones
250 Eagle Bucks: CTC Pullover
275 Eagle Bucks: Tupperware & Lunchbox
300 Eagle Bucks: Atlanta CityPASS

How to Claim:

Step 1: Attend Office of Student Involvement (OSI) events and sign-in when you arrive. You must put your name and 900# to receive Eagle Bucks.

Step 2: Continue attending events at multiple campuses. Do not forget to sign-in each time.

Step 3: Email getinvolved@ChattahoocheeTech.edu with your name and 900# to find out how many Eagle Bucks you have after attending events.

Step 4: Pick up prizes when you reach each level. For example, once you have 10 Eagle Bucks stop by the OSI Suite in Building C at the Marietta Campus to pick up your notebook and lip balm.

Step 5: Attend more events and accumulate more Eagle Bucks.

Step 6: Email getinvolved@ChattahoocheeTech.edu and set up a time to pick up the next level of prizes. For example, once you receive 10 more Eagle Bucks and reach level 20, you will receive a t-shirt.

Step 7: Continue this process from June 2017- May 2018, and pick up your prizes along the way. You can receive up to 200 Eagle Bucks and collect every prize listed along the way, including movie tickets, a long sleeve t-shirt, and Six Flags tickets.