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Steps to Enroll with DSS New Student

It is important that new students identify themselves to Disability Support Services (DSS) as soon as possible to ensure maximum success at Chattahoochee Technical College. All information exchanged is confidential. Students should bring in current documentation that provides an overview of the disability and how accommodations should be delivered. Students who are transitioning from high school should understand that college accommodations differ from high school accommodations.

NOTE: The intake, documentation review, and arrangements for accommodations is a lengthy process. We urge students who believe that they may be eligible to contact our office well in advance of their enrollment to apply for services.

Step 1: Set up an appointment for an Intake session

During the intake, students will receive a full overview of academic information and services available through DSS. The student and DSS coordinator will develop the student’s Accommodation Letter along with getting all necessary documents signed. The accommodations will address the needs of the student in the classroom.

Step 2: Contact the DSS Coordinator

Please contact the DSS Coordinator, Caitlin Barton (770-975-4099), to confirm your scheduled appointment.

Step 3: Gather all necessary documentation

Sufficient documentation includes records from a medical doctor or psychologist documenting your disability with their suggested recommendations, psychoeducational evaluation, etc. Please note, IEP’s or 504 Plan’s from previous school systems are not acceptable forms of documentation; instead, this information is for evaluation purposes only.

Step 4: Check out any necessary equipment

Students should check out any equipment they need from the DSS Coordinator (i.e. SmartPen, recorder, note taking paper, etc.).

Step 5: Talk with each instructor

Once enrolled, on the first day of class, students should talk with each instructor to ensure the instructor has received their Accommodation Letter.

Step 6: Follow up with DSS Coordinator as needed

Each student should check in at least once per semester and should meet with their DSS Coordinator at the beginning of each semester.