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To learn more about the LINK – Chattahoochee Tech to Kennesaw State University Bridge Program, please review the information below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the LINK – Chatt Tech to Kennesaw State University Bridge program?

Chattahoochee Technical College and Kennesaw State University have long worked together offering higher education opportunities to the citizens of northwest Georgia. Many students begin their path to a Bachelor’s degree by first earning credits at Chatt Tech and then successfully transferring to KSU. Like all of the University System of Georgia colleges and universities, KSU accepts many Chatt Tech courses. However, our close geographical proximity to one another allows for an even more thorough transfer pathway, a bridge from Chatt Tech to KSU. LINK is the official partnership between the two.

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What are benefits to starting my college career at Chatt Tech first?

Benefits of enrolling at Chatt Tech first include, smaller class size, multiple campus locations and large number of on-line options, no parking fees, a full array of student support services, very affordable tuition and fees and a dedicated team of professionals to guide you.

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Who helps make sure I that am taking the correct classes to transfer?

Students who attend Chattahoochee Technical College first and enroll in the LINK Bridge program will receive professional academic advising at Chatt Tech and have access to a transfer evaluation counselor from KSU.

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How many Chatt Tech credit hours are required to transfer to KSU?

Students are encouraged to complete 30 credit hours of General Education courses (ten classes) at Chatt Tech and then apply to KSU as a transfer student.  Research shows students who first attend community/technical colleges outperform peers once they reach their destination school. Attending Chatt Tech will allow students to explore interests, complete general education requirements, save money and ease into the college experience.

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How much is the KSU application fee?

Students in the program can have their application fee to KSU waived and special assistance with transcript requests at Chatt Tech. Students must follow the steps on the LINK webpage to take advantage of these options.

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When does Chatt Tech send my transcript to KSU?

When the application is submitted to KSU, students will use the LINK Bridge Transcript Request form (link) to have a free transcript sent to KSU.  

  • Students are responsible for sending both in-progress and final transcripts (showing final grades) to KSU.
  • Students that choose to have their transcript sent through Parchment and pay the $10 fee will not be able to request a refund.

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Are there additional benefits to participating in this program?

Once a student transfers to KSU, their academic work at KSU will be shared with Chatt Tech to ensure maximum academic awards for the student. Chatt Tech will contact students eligible for any awards.

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