Intellectual Property Rights

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The College encourages the development of intellectual property designed to improve the productivity of the College and/or to enhance the learning environment. Intellectual property is defined as intellectual and/or creative works that can be copyrighted or patented, such as literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works, computer software, multimedia presentations, videos, inventions, etc. Students shall have exclusive property rights to intellectual property products developed on their time without the use of College resources.

Ownership resides with the student if the following criteria are met:

1. The work is the result of an individual initiative and is not requested by the College (i.e., it is not a class assignment).
2. The work does not involve substantial use of college facilities, time, and is not derivative of any other college-owned copyright.

NOTE:  Students may not use college equipment or resources for works for hire.

With regard to student works, ownership resides with the college if the following criteria are met:

1. The work is the result of an assignment made during the course of the student’s educational program at the college AND
2. The development of the work involved substantial use of facilities, time, and/or other resources of the College including, but not limited to, college personnel, equipment, college facilities, or is a derivative of any other college-owned copyright.

Although the student may not personally profit from college-owned property which he or she developed, the student may include it as representative in a personal portfolio.

Disclaimer: In the event that further interpretation of this policy is needed, please contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs or the Vice President of Administrative Services.

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