Disability Services

Disability Services

Students with disabilities must often overcome a variety of obstacles to achieve their educational and career goals. Chattahoochee Technical College believes that all students should have equal access to higher education. Disability Services provide accommodations and services that are individualized and appropriate for students with documented disabilities.

Students who have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities may be served by Disability Services. To this end, Chattahoochee Technical College ensures college access to students with documented disabilities as required by the Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the 1990 Americans with Disability Act and its amendments. These laws guarantee that qualified students with disabilities have equal access to the physical facilities at Chattahoochee Technical College and to educational programs. Major life activities include the ability to perform certain functions such as self-care, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning and working. The disability may be permanent or temporary. We are dedicated to assisting students by offering a number of resources accessible to all students, despite their limitations. More information is available in the Disability Services Student Handbook, the Disability Resource List, and the Disability Services Faculty Handbook.

Students who have physical or emotional disabilities or learning challenges may benefit from reasonable accommodations and/or assistive in the classroom. To request accommodations, equipment, or other services students must provide current professional documentation describing the disability and appropriate accommodations. Disabilities may be temporary or permanent impairments, and can include:

    • Physical Impairments: Visual, hearing, mobility, chronic illness, speech
    • Psychological Impairments: Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, OCD
    • Learning Disorders: Learning disabilities, acquired brain injury, ADD, ADHD


Disability Services for Appalachian, North Metro, Woodstock, and Canton Campus Locations

Director of Student Support Services, Cheri Mattox-Carroll temporarily serves the Appalachian, North Metro, Canton, and Woodstock campuses. Her office is located on the North Metro campus, 132-N. Phone: 770-975-4152 Fax: 770-975-4084 . Email: cheri.mattox-carroll@chattahoocheetech.edu.

Disability Services for Marietta, Mountain View, Paulding and Austell Campus Locations

Disability Services Coordinator Mary Frances Bernard serves the Marietta, Austell, Mountain View, and Paulding campuses. Her office is located on the Marietta campus, Building G, office G1106. Office: 770-528-4529. Fax: 404-591-5642. Email: maryfrances.bernard@chattahoocheetech.edu.

Upon request, each classroom can be equipped with adjustable desks; large screen monitors; speaking, reading and enlargement software; wheelchair accessible desks; arm rests; copy and book stands; ergonomic chairs; laptops and speakers for remote captioning; and other assistive technology.

All building main entrances and some side entrances have electronic door openers and double doors and/or low poundage pull rates with accessible handles. Cutaway ramps and handicapped parking is available at every entrance on every campus location in accordance to ADA mandates. Evacuation planning is also a critical component for the safe exit of a building during an emergency for our disabled population. Evacuation planning includes a needs assessment of the disabled population of students who are enrolled for any given term, and the submission of a detailed schedule for those students to the Department of Public Safety. Mobility aids to include evacuation chairs will be available on every campus to transport persons unable to use stairs, especially when the elevator is inaccessible or too dangerous to use in an emergency evacuation. These devices are designed with rollers, treads, and braking mechanism that enable a person to be transported down stairs with the assistance of another individual. The college’s evacuation plan includes designation of security officers to assist with the safe evacuation of disabled students. Security officers and disability staff have also been trained to use these evacuation devices.