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The library offers a variety of services including countless Internet resources, for conducting research or reading for pleasure.

  • Assistance with class papers, projects, and assignments
  • Computers for school or leisure purposes (school use has priority)
  • Printers & photocopiers
  • Tables for group study, or carrels for individual study
  • Quiet study areas or group study rooms

General Resources:


CTC Library Catalog  –  Find books, cds, dvds, & ebooks.


galileo+scholar  –  Find journal, magazine, & newspaper articles.

Research Resources:


Encyclopedia Britannica– Use an encyclopedia, dictionary, or thesaurus.


BusinessInsights_Global_lg – Find company information and business articles.


Credo Reference – Use reference ebooks.


Image Quest – Find images for non-commercial educational use.


Global Road Warrior – Find information on any country.


LearningExpressLibrary – Find test preparation, career certification, skills improvement help.


NexisUni logo– Find newspaper articles and legal information.


FOFTodaysScienceogo – Find articles & facts about science and technology.

Citation, English, and Literature Resources:


Digital_Theatre_Plus_logo – Watch theater performances.

easybiblogo– Create APA and MLA citations.


LitRC– Find articles about literature.


Salem_lit_stacked_small_logo – Find author biographies and literature criticism.


Writer's Reference center – Get information & tools to help with writing.

History and Social Issue Resources:


FOFIssueslogo – Find articles & facts about social issues.


 opposingViewpoints_in_context– Find articles and facts about social issues.

Salem History – Historical documents with analysis.


history_us_in_context – Find articles about United States history.


history_world_in_context – Find articles about world history.


FOFWorldNewsDigestlogo – Find information on historical and current events.

Nursing and Allied Health Resources:


FOD_Icon_150x48 – Use the nursing video collection. 


Health Reference Center – Find information on conditions, diseases & the human body.


Gale Human Anatomy – Use interactive 3D Anatomy Models


OVIDSP – Use Ovid Nursing and Allied Health ebooks.


r2-digital-library-large  – Use Nursing & Allied Health ebooks.


Salem Health – Use medical reference ebooks.


The Chattahoochee Technical College Library supports and promotes the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights, which supports the ideals of the profession.