Types of Counseling

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Chattahoochee Technical College provides a variety of counseling services available on campus to include personal counseling, academic counseling, and career counseling.

Academic Counseling

Students who have difficulty attending class on a regular basis or those with excessive absences may need assistance in dealing with issues that impede academic progress. The counselor and student, sometimes with the help of faculty, attempt to determine the source of the problem(s) and propose possible solutions. Academic counseling focuses on concerns a student might express about classes and course requirements. This can include issues such as learning disabilities, deficient study skills, test anxiety, time management, and presentation anxiety, as well as other difficulties in the classroom.

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling is designed to help students share problems with an objective, non-judgmental person who is trained to help with reflection, support, and solutions. Brief counseling therapy is often utilized to help students resolve issues over a short period of time. Support groups are often considered to assist students with specific needs that could be addressed effectively within a group setting. Some students merely want to vent, while others are looking for more long-term solutions. The counselor may choose to make outside referrals to counselors or agencies in the community when serious or long-term issues are presented.

Career Counseling

“What do you want to do with your life?” It may not matter your age or the stage of life you are in; there are a lot of career and program of study choices and it can be confusing to decide what to pursue. Should you focus on interest or ability? How much time do you have to complete a program? Career counseling is provided based on the needs, interests, and aptitudes of the potential student. Career choice activities can help ensure that students are placed in a program where there is reasonable assurance of success. Students without well-defined interests are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss their options. Emphasis is placed on helping students understand interests, values, abilities, personality to formulate career plans as they relate to education and resulting career. Students can complete interest, aptitude and/or personality tests that may include O*NET Interest Profiler, TypeFocus, Virtual Job Shadow, or other assessments. Most are available online.

Additional support is available through Career Services where Chattahoochee Tech staff can assist you with information on current and emerging trends, employer needs and expectations, and other considerations to help you make an informed choice. For more information or to make an appointment, email Career Services at Career.Services@ChattahoocheeTech.edu

What do I need to know about counseling?

Everyone needs help from time to time. To seek counseling does not imply that you are weak or unable to cope. Rather it is a time to discuss concerns and consider adopting new perspectives and actions in regard to the people, events, and situations in your life. Counseling is a proven method of empowering individuals to create an environment of sound mental health, overall wellness, increased education, and concrete career goals.

How do I get the most out of counseling?

– As a client, keep focused on the sole concern. Most students who come in for counseling want to divulge all their concerns in one session expecting a quick solution. Sessions can quickly become convoluted and no one topic becomes the focus. Solutions cannot be considered and implemented.
– Be honest about what your goals are. Some students come in to vent and may not be receptive to long term or permanent solutions to their problems.
– Do not expect advice or look for the counselor to fix “it” for you or make decisions on your behalf.
– Do understand that counseling is a growth experience. Students must be prepared to change behaviors, attitudes, long held perspectives and take accountability for themselves. Sometimes the student must expect that a situation may not change from counseling; however, a different perspective, attitude, set of behaviors or coping skills may make a situation tolerable.
– Be willing to change. Be willing to try new behaviors or think in a different way.
– If you find that counseling is not helpful for a particular situation you face, ask for an outside referral.

What can expect when I make an appointment?

Counseling is provided to currently enrolled students by appointment. There is no cost. Sessions are usually conducted for two to three appointments, 50 minutes each session, on one particular issue or concern. Concrete strategies and solution-based activities outside the session are emphasized. Day and limited late afternoon appointments are available by calling (770) 975-4152 or emailing a request to Counseling@ChattahoocheeTech.edu.

The counselors’ offices are located in Student Affairs on the North Metro and Marietta campus locations. Chattahoochee Tech also may utilize the service of graduate student counseling interns as well.

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