Financial Obligations

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A student delinquent in the payment of any financial obligation may be dropped from courses and may not be allowed to register for another semester until such a delinquency is removed. The student will not be issued semester grade reports, transcripts, or any other student records. Any student receiving notice that his or her status has been placed on hold should immediately contact the office issuing the hold.

If for any reason a student owes funds of any type to Chattahoochee Technical College, a hold will be placed on his or her account. From that point forward, until the balance is resolved/paid in full, the student will be unable to register for future semesters, have enrollment information released to any third-party, receive official academic transcripts, etc.  A student is sent multiple account notices (bills) in collection attempts. After the college has exhausted its means to collect, the debt will be turned over to a third-party agency for collection. At that point, the debt may appear on the outstanding party’s credit report or create other adverse effects.

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