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Student Financial Services wants every student to be successful in their classes. As such, we want you to have access to your financial aid funds for purchases in the college bookstores. 

Funds will be made available in the physical bookstores and online beginning the first day of classes for students who have registered during the early registration period and whose financial aid file is complete. The final day to use financial aid in the bookstore will be posted each term by the bookstore and by the college on the Bookstore Availability Dates page. The deadline is generally around 7-10 days into the term.

Students who choose to not use this option will receive any Title IV (federal aid) disbursement(s) within U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines—within the same timeframe as students who do charge against their aid in the bookstores. We recommend that students charge against their aid in the bookstores, as eligible, as to be best prepared for classes—helping to ensure success.

Students who use financial aid funds in the bookstores are held to the same policies relating to financial obligations, withdrawal policies, no show policies, etc., as found on the Student Accounts Office Policies page. Please make yourself familiar with these policies that affect you.

Note: At the time when funds are sent to the bookstore from Student Financial Services, the student has been determined to be eligible. If that eligibility changes at a later time, for whatever reason, the student may owe funds back to the college, and his/her account may be placed on hold. If the balance is not paid by the student, formal collection processes will begin. The likelihood of you owing a balance is small, but we want to ensure you’re aware that the choices you make (major changes, class changes, uninformed choices, etc.) may affect you financially. Please always ask one of the Student Financial Services’ staff if you have any questions at all.

Chattahoochee Tech students may use up to $1,000 in Federal Pell Grant (after tuition and/or fees are paid) for purchases of books/supplies in the bookstores across all campuses. If eligible, the student may also be able to use SEOG and private loan funds in the bookstores as well. For more details, click below:

Visit our bookstore online at Chattahoochee Tech Bookstore.

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