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Environmental Science

In this program, you will learn how to analyze environmental problems with a focus on the impact that humans have on the environment.


Instructor Stephen Anderson being interviewed
Meet Mr. Anderson
Stephen Anderson – Lead Instructor | Environmental Science


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Environmental Science lab testing area

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Topics covered:

  • Use of GIS software and its application, components and chemicals used in water treatment (Drinking and Wastewater)
  • Relationship between terrain and overland flow of water
  • Layout and operation of a water distribution system
  • Connection between storm water and erosion
  • Deposition, movement, and removal of toxic chemicals in the environment

Gain hands-on experience, 
often at off campus/outdoor locations:

  • Tours of both drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, plant Identification
  • Forest measurements and identification (Plots, Stands, Diameter at Breast Height, Canopy Cover, etc.)
  • Infiltration rates using infiltrometers, stream, analysis (Flow Rates, Discharge, pH, Turbidity, Electrofishing, etc.)
  • Fish Identification
  • Bacterial analysis of water (E. coli, enterococci, etc.)
  • Lab tests performed at treatment plants (lead, chlorine, nitrogen, etc.)

Faculty Advisors

North Metro
Stephen Anderson

Academic Advisors 

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Amanda Petti

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