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Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

with an option of Biomedical Engineering Technology specialization

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Gain the skills and knowledge needed for your career as an electrical and computer engineering technician to help engineers design and develop computers, robotic equipment, medical monitoring devices, and other electrical and computer equipment. This program features lots of hands-on lab experience to build troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Programs Offered

Associate Degree
Technical Certificates of Credit

Advisement Information

Academic Advisement – Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Team

Faculty Advisors

Stephanie O’Donoghue, Stephanie.Odonoghue@chattahoocheetech.edu, North Metro Campus

Academic Advisors

Jim Moore, James.Moore@chattahoocheetech.edu, Marietta Campus

Vincent Penn, Vincent.Penn@chattahoocheetech.edu, North Metro Campus

Tiffany Billingslea, tiffany.billingslea@chattahoocheetech.edu, Marietta Campus

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