Chatt Tech Welding Students

Chattahoochee Tech Students Display Skills at North Georgia Welding Competition

Chattahoochee Tech welding students showed off their skills at the Xcel Strategies North Georgia Welding competition held Oct. 22 at Hardy Automotive Group in Paulding County.

“The impressive part is that all of them were first-semester students and their projects were awesome!” said Chattahoochee Tech Associate Dean Stephanie O’Donoghue. “They designed and welded them from scratch.”

Led by Welding Instructor Jim Thomas, the Chattahoochee Tech teams of welding students included Aaron Hardin, Cayden Holden, Hunter Howell, Jesus Infante, Carrie Mathis, Levi Rathel, Jake Price, Josh Vaugh and Hayden Whittemore. Two weeks prior to the competition, they were given a “build envelope” identifying the project for the competition, including parameters for construction. The students then had time to plan and prefabricate elements of their projects, which were judged on the basis of functionality, creativity, and craftsmanship.

Independent welding experts Jason Becker, Bob Moffatt and Athena Alexander, who are well known in welding circles, served as competition judges at this event to determine the best welders in North Georgia. The welding competitions sponsored by Xcel Strategies are designed to be family-friendly events that highlight the value of welding and other essential trades, while also raising money for a local charity.

Chatt Tech Welding Students Jake Price, Cayden Holden, Levi Rathel, Hayden Whittemore and Josh Vaughn
In the top photo, l-r, are Chattahoochee Tech welding students Jake Price, Cayden Holden, Levi Rathel, Hayden Whittemore and Josh Vaughn. In this photo, l-r, are Chatt Tech students Aaron Hardin, Jesus Infante and Carrie Mathis.
Chatt Tech Welding Students Levi Rathel, Hunter Howell, and Jake Price
Chattahoochee Tech welding shown in these two photos, l-r, are Levi Rathel, Hunter Howell, and Jake Price.