Stay the Course

Chattahoochee Tech Foundation Creates $50,000 Emergency Fund for Students Impacted by COVID-19

The Chattahoochee Tech Foundation has succeeded in meeting its goal of securing the contributions needed to create a $50,000 “Stay the Course” emergency fund to help Chattahoochee Tech students impacted by COVID-19. These students are at risk of not completing school because of the financial impacts caused by the pandemic.

“The generous contributions from Chattahoochee Tech faculty and staff put us over the top,” said Chattahoochee Tech Vice President for Advancement Jennifer Nelson. “Their support truly demonstrates their compassion and care for our students.”

The “Stay the Course” fund already is serving as a significant source of economic relief for Chattahoochee Tech students. The Chattahoochee Tech Foundation has awarded emergency funds so far to seven students, and continues to continues to receive applications from more students needing help.

“I am so thankful to all the supporters of this campaign,” said Nelson. “They also recognize Chattahoochee Tech students are the future essential workers in the community.”

Funding requests are based on need, and are evaluated by a committee composed of representatives from several units within the college. The emergency funds are allocated directly to students for the specific use of financial hardships that include food and housing, transportation, payments for tuition, books, childcare expenses, and other education-based needs.

For more information about the Chattahoochee Tech Foundation, or to donate to the Foundation in order to help more students, visit: