C-Term Schedule

Spring Semester 2024

Course Title Instructor Campus Building Room Type Enrl Max Days Start Time End Time
ACCT1105 (40411)Financial Accounting IIEstes, Charley Online Course ONLINE 1530        
AIRC1010 (41011)RefrigeratioPrinciple&PracticeHeenan, Chris Marietta Campus MA-D1208 2222       1:00pm4:00pm
AIRC1040 (41014)HVACR Electrical MotorsLadford, Robert Marietta Campus MA-D1208 2022       8:00am11:00am
AIRC1070 (41017)Gas HeatHeenan, Chris Marietta Campus MA-D1208 620       5:00pm8:00pm
AIRC1090 (41019)Troubleshooting Air Cond SystHeenan, Chris Marietta Campus MA-D1208 220       9:00am12noon
ALHS1060 (41165)Diet&Nutrition for Allied HealMcCoy, Sherri Paulding Co. Career Academy PCCCA 10   1:35pm2:45pm
ALHS1090 (40527)MedTerm/Allied Health SciencesWest, Vanessa Online Course ONLINE 3030        
AMCA2150 (41000)CNC Lathe Manual ProgrammingPlos, Wayne North Metro Campus NM-I107 820       10:30am3:30pm
AUTT1050 (40580)Auto Suspension&Steering SystBoothe, Tim Appalachian Campus AP-F610 100    7:45am10:30am
AUTT1050 (40588)Auto Suspension&Steering SystAlmaguer, Aaron Bartow County Career Academy BCCCA 00    8:50am11:35am
AUTT1050 (40590)Auto Suspension&Steering SystAlmaguer, Aaron Bartow County Career Academy BCCCA 00    12:05pm2:50pm
AVIO1030 (40898)Advanced ElectronicsRoss-Cuevas, Elijah Aviation Training Academy AV-A206 1524        8:00am9:50am
AVIO1040 (40899)Digital ElectronicsRoss-Cuevas, Elijah Aviation Training Academy AV-A206 1524        10:00am11:50am
AVIO1060 (40900)Aircraft Logic SystemsRoss-Cuevas, Elijah Aviation Training Academy AV-A206 1524        1:00pm2:50pm
AVUT1045 (40840)Aircraft Seating Fabrication IStephens, Jr., Sanford Aviation Training Academy AV-A207 110    9:30am2:45pm
CIST1001 (40803)Computer ConceptsDejesus, Erich Online Course ONLINE 1835        
CIST1001 (40805)Computer ConceptsDenney, Chris Online Course ONLINE 1335        
CIST1001 (41229)Computer ConceptsOjekwe, Anny Online Course ONLINE 330        
CIST1122 (40945)Hardware Install&MaintenanceStaff, Staff North Metro Campus NM-B203 524       6:00pm8:55pm
CIST1130 (40950)Operating Systems ConceptsHofmann, Sandra Online Course ONLINE 3535        
CIST1220 (40808)Structured Query Language (SQLTurner, Terrence Online Course ONLINE 2035        
CIST1305 (40810)Program Design and DevelopmentJohnson, Don Marietta Campus MA-F1149 1730        6:00pm7:55pm
CIST1305 (40814)Program Design and DevelopmentSuleman, Saima Marietta Campus MA-F1149 528        9:30am11:30am
CIST1305 (40811)Program Design and DevelopmentLawrence, Joshua North Metro Campus NM-B206 630        6:00pm7:55pm
CIST1401 (40952)Computer Networking FundamentTrivers, Max Marietta Campus MA-F1148 1221       6:00pm8:55pm
CIST1510 (41224)Web Development ISuleman, Saima North Metro Campus NM-B203 830        9:00am11:00am
CIST1601 (40783)Information Security FundWilliams, Marc Marietta Campus MA-F1147 524        11:00am1:30pm
CIST1602 (40787)Security Policies&ProceduresEvans, Tony Online Course ONLINE 2830        
CIST2371 (41317)Java Programming IMosley, Tanya Online Course 030        
CIST2433 (40962)UNIX/Linux Advanced ServerHoward, Dexter Online Course ONLINE 735        
CIST2452 (40964)Cisco Routing&Switching EssentOkere, Cleo Marietta Campus MA-F1145 921       12noon2:45pm
CIST2453 (40966)Enterprise Net/Security/AutomaBonsu, Kwadwo Marietta Campus MA-F1145 521       6:00pm8:55pm
CIST2602 (40791)Network SecurityWilliams, Marc Online Course ONLINE 3232        
COMP1000 (41028)Intro to Computer LiteracyStaff, Staff North Metro Campus NM-A124 830       1:00pm2:55pm
COMP1000 (41040)Intro to Computer LiteracyJenkins, Timothy Online Course ONLINE 630        
COMP1000 (41039)Intro to Computer LiteracyLong, James Online Course ONLINE 1730        
CRJU1030 (40435)CorrectionsHarris, Jemina North Metro Campus NM-B202 525        10:00am11:25am
CRJU1030 (40434)CorrectionsSmith, Nicole Online Course ONLINE 1930        
CRJU1040 (40436)Principles of Law EnforcementCombs-Smith, Jennifer Online Course ONLINE 3030        
CRJU1043 (40437)Probation and ParoleCombs-Smith, Jennifer Online Course ONLINE 1630        
CRJU1050 (40438)Police Patrol OperationsHarris, Jemina Online Course ONLINE 1230        
CRJU1063 (40441)Crime Scene ProcessingBennett, Joseph Marietta Campus MA-B127 1624        5:00pm6:25pm
CRJU2020 (40444)Constit Law/Criminal JusticeArmstrong, Marshall Online Course ONLINE 1330        
CRJU2070 (40447)Juvenile JusticeHarris, Jemina Online Course ONLINE 930        
CRJU2110 (40452)Homeland SecurityKillam, Gary Online Course ONLINE 1330        
DENA1470 (40018)Dental Practicum IIPeets, Michelle Online Course ONLINE 710        
DFTG1133 (41082)Commercial Drawing IPark, Taejun North Metro Campus NM-A115 OPNLAB 1120        
DMPT1025 (40888)Production PhotographyWalker, Kelby Marietta Campus MA-B124 1320        11:15am1:15pm
DMPT2115 (40890)Advertising&Promotional DesignBhatnagar, Tishya Marietta Campus MA-B120 718        9:00am11:00am
ECCE1101 (40932)Introduction to ECCEStaff, Staff Live Online ONLINE 1930        1:00pm2:00pm
ECCE1103 (40929)Child Growth and DevelopmentMcKoy, Susan Live Online ONLINE 2130        2:30pm3:30pm
ECCE1105 (40939)Health, Safety and NutritionSamuels, Semeka Live Online ONLINE 2330        8:00am9:00am
ECCE1105 (41325)Health, Safety and NutritionNelson, Stanecia Marietta High School 00   9:25am2:30pm
ECCE1105 (40926)Health, Safety and NutritionAbercrombie, Maria Paulding Campus PA-A242 230        6:00pm7:15pm
ECCE1112 (40940)Curriculum and AssessmentThomas, Marilyn Live Online ONLINE 930        9:15am10:15am
ECCE1121 (40931)EarlyChildhoodCare&Ed PracticuMcKoy, Susan Live Online ONLINE 1225        7:00pm8:00pm
ECCE2115 (40935)Language and LiteracyStaff, Staff Live Online ONLINE 1630        10:00am11:00am
ECCE2202 (40927)Social Issues&Family InvolvemeAbercrombie, Maria Online Course ONLINE 1030        
ECCE2203 (40920)Guidance Classroom MangDumke, Lourdes Online Course ONLINE 1430        
ECCE2332 (40922)Infant/Toddler Group Care&CurrDumke, Lourdes Online Course ONLINE 630        
ECET1191 (40772)Computer Programming FundTevi, Tete North Metro Campus NM-B220 1124        10:30am1:30pm
ENGL1101 (40639)Composition and RhetoricBrooks, Keith Online Course ONLINE 2626        
ENGL1101 (40640)Composition and RhetoricClark, Corina Online Course ONLINE 2424        
ENGL1101 (40638)Composition and RhetoricNettles, Jessica Online Course ONLINE 2626        
ENGL1101 (40643)Composition and RhetoricPeterson, Scarlett Online Course ONLINE 2626        
ENGL1102 (40641)Literature and CompositionMuldrow, Marian Online Course ONLINE 2626        
ENGL1102 (40642)Literature and CompositionMuldrow, Marian Online Course ONLINE 2626        
ESCI2010 (40289)Ecology FundamentalsGonzalez, Sara Online Course ONLINE 1225        
FOSC1206 (41239)Introduct to Forensic ScienceMagee, Gregory Bartow County Career Academy BCCCA 00    12:10pm1:25pm
FOSC2033 (40457)Death InvestigationLoveless, Beoncia Marietta Campus MA-B119 220        9:00am10:30am
FOSC2041 (40459)Latent Print ExaminationArmstrong, Marshall Marietta Campus MA-B119 220        10:00am12noon
FVPT1505 (40260)Intro Digital Post ProductionDimitrova, Bozhana Mountain View Campus MV-A145 224        6:00pm8:00pm
FVPT2810 (40272)Documentary FilmmakingMuse, Meredith Online Course ONLINE 318        
HIST1111 (40256)World History IFields, Antar Marietta Campus MA-F2139 430        12noon1:15pm
HIST2111 (40313)U.S. History IFields, Antar Marietta Campus MA-F2139 2530        12noon1:15pm
IDSY1105 (40554)AC Circuit AnalysisKazemian, Alan North Metro Campus NM-I113 2430        11:00am2:00pm
IDSY1130 (40563)Industrial WiringTama, Joe North Metro Campus NM-I108 2630        6:00pm9:00pm
IDSY1195 (40559)Pumps and Piping SystemsKazemian, Joe North Metro Campus NM-I114 2930        1:00pm8:00pm
IDSY1220 (40556)Intermediate Industrial PLC'sKazemian, Alan North Metro Campus NM-I113 530        6:00pm9:00pm
INDS1000 (40293) Intro to Interior DesignSkibicki, Jennifer Live Online ONLINE 1024        5:30pm6:30pm
INDS1155 (40297)Hist/Interiors&Architecture IIO'Dell, Amy Online Course ONLINE 1524        
INDS2810 (40307)Residential Design StudioLawrence, Lindsay Woodstock Campus WO-B212 424        6:45pm7:45pm
INDS2820 (40308)Kitchen&Bath Design StudioBurton, Ginger Woodstock Campus WO-B213 724        10:45am11:45am
INDS2870 (40310)Visual Presentation&PortfolioKimmons, Rebecca Online Course ONLINE 1324        
MATH1111 (40057)College AlgebraHermann, Suzette Online Course ONLINE 3232        
MCHT1013 (41001)Machine Tool MathPlos, Wayne North Metro Campus NM-I107 1020       4:00pm6:00pm
MCHT1120 (40999)Mill Operations IPlos, Wayne North Metro Campus NM-C300 1620       10:30am3:30pm
MGMT1105 (40499)Organizational BehaviorStrong, Kawanna Online Course ONLINE 3030        
MKTG1100 (40902)Principles of MarketingStaff, Staff Online Course ONLINE 1530        
MKTG1160 (40907)Professional SellingTroutman, John North Metro Campus NM-B214 1030        6:00pm7:55pm
MKTG2550 (40916)Analyzing Social MediaWilliams, Alexis Online Course ONLINE 1030        
PHLT1055 (40051)Accelerated Phlebotomy ClinicaChin, Jennifer Off Campus OFFCAM 1315  
POLS1101 (40327)American GovernmentGarrett, Crystal Online Course ONLINE 4245        
PSYC1010 (40368)Basic PsychologyKittrell, Stephen Online Course ONLINE 1630        
PSYC1101 (40370)Introductory PsychologyKittrell, Stephen Online Course ONLINE 3030        
READ0090B (40644)Learning Support Reading BSanders, Clovis Online Course ONLINE 326        
SOCI1101 (40401)Introduction to SociologyNeptune, Dorienne Online Course ONLINE 3030